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Topic: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

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    Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    The long awaited Dan Dean Brass Ensembles project (DDBE) is on its way to replication!

    We\'ll have some demos of these amazing ensembles very soon which will be posted on the DDP website. There are some groundbreaking features in this library and most importantly, the sonic quality is unsurpassed, as in all DDP products.

    There are 12 CD\'s . (9 CD\'s in AKAI)

    4 French Horns
    4 disks:
    Disk 1 Close
    Disk 2 Close
    Disk 1 Ambient
    Disk 2 Ambient
    NV, PT, ST, ST alternate, Stopped Horns, Stopped Horns Staccato, Fp series

    3 Trumpets
    4 disks:
    Disk 1 Close
    Disk 2 Close
    Disk 1 Ambient
    Disk 2 Ambient
    NV, PT, ST, ST alternate, Straight Mutes, fp series

    3 Trombones
    4 disks:
    Disk 1 Close
    Disk 2 Close
    Disk 1 Ambient
    Disk 2 Ambient
    NV, PT, ST, ST alternate, Straight Mutes, fp series

    New features:
    1. Unsurpassed audio quality.
    2. FULL release trigger implementation on every note in every layer.
    3. 2 perspectives (Close and Ambient) (ie., dry/wet).
    4. Recorded in a cathedral with 46 foot ceilings.
    5. Dynamic crossfading programs/real time (all sorts).
    6. Split keyboard programs (LH/RH).
    7. 8 Velocities most presets.
    8. French Horns include Stopped Horns.
    9. All sorts of new programming features.
    10. Hand picked symphony and virtuoso players.

    This title will be released simultaneously in Giga and AKAI. It will not be sold through the normal channels. It will only be available directly from DDP.

    Thanks for your interest and patience. There will be more info at the DDP website over the next week.


    Dan Dean

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Man... so many libraries, so few machines, so little time, so little money.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] We\'re getting spoiled in the coming time.... This, Nick\'s library, Vienna and who knows what Gary and Sonic Implants have up their sleaves... eek

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Congratulations Dan on a job exceptionally well done!

    I know for fact that you have devoted a great deal of time over a long period of several months, and without coming up for air. Nevertheless, all of this very hard and time consuming work has paid off!

    I know you will do exceptionally well with this new brass library!

    Thank you for providing all of us with another extremely high quality and most useful \"Dan Dean\" sampled instrument library!

    All the best,

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Hey guys,

    Just to let you know, I\'ve done some of the programming on this library. I\'ve tried to keep things VERY simple, but very expressive, and with some extra subtle cool stuff for the giga savvy.

    Cool things like Dynamic Crossfading, with Keyswitching for different dynamics (soft, Hard, Wide response, ultra wide response), This gives you a lot of variation controlable from one patch.

    also extra attack/staccatto control WITH dynamic Xfades in one patch. Add to it some actual cool velocity control in the SAME patch and you have a very expressive and controlable patch, as well its quite simple to use.

    I\'m pretty proud of the programming so I\'m anxious to hear waht you guys think. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    BTW, the library is really nice. for those of you thinking they may be too \"dry/close\" I can assure there is a tone of ambience. The decays are 2-3 seconds long in the ambient samples.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Sweeeeeeeet [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Originally posted by Ed:
    Will this library have the \"scary trombone crescendos\" like QL Brass? How about the attacks when compared to QL Brass? Im going to be buying a brass library soon and I want to know what I am getting into.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You\'re getting into the most powerful brass since Thomas J....

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Dan and KingIdiot.

    Can I ask, why no crescendo samples? Or are there going to be Garrison style mod wheel EXP type Instruments?

    Much as I love the DD Solo Woodwinds I\'ve just bought, I was a tad disappointed there were no crescendo samples :-(

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    actually there are SFZ with crecendo samples. Short Medium and Long

    The Dynamic Xfade instruments are like the EXP instruments in GOS

    but with some added twists. Variations of them are available. One labeled \"soft\" for softer Piano passages, one \"hard\" for really heavy passages. One labeled Wide, more more \"inbetween\" passages, not ever goig to FFF and not ever going to PPP, and one labeled Ultra Wide, going from PPP-FFF.

    They are all available in one keyswitchable instrument without release triggers, Two seperate KS instruments with release triggers, and as seperate instruments to save RAM if you are only going to use one.

    There are also Dynamic Xfade Instruments with an extra layer of Staccatto samples for more control in real time. These are my favorite. 4 variations again. but one labeled \"medium\" instead of Wide, becuse I felt it suited the range better. These also include some extra control subtleties, like velocity control as well as time and volume control for the attack/staccatto layer. And some extra slow attack control in the paino range set by velocity. Its all \"extra\" stuff thats there if you feel the need to use it, but doesn\'t really get in the way if you dont.

    The reason for the multiple variations is that you are only allowed 4 layers per stereo crossfading instrument. With Dan having 8 velocities, picking just 4 would have meant missing out on a lot of subtleties. not to mention if we COULD do 8 in stereo that would jsut be an extremely hungry Poly Hog. So I made multiple variations each containing 4 velocities, each for different applications. This works out very well. Its extremely expressive, and gives alot of variations.

    These are available for all sustain instruments. Not the portatos, maybe in an art update in the future if the patches go over well.

    Believe me, I think this library is really usefull, and has great tone. Anybody who is looking for some big orchestral brass ensemble sounds should grab it. The horns are anthemic at FF-FFF and moody in the middle, and super soft on the dynamics, the bones bite your head off at FFF sort of \"The Matrix\" like, and are just way too cool in the mids and soft dynamics. The trumpets are total \"Indiana Jones\"

    All the staccattos will rip your face off at FFF

    The Portatos are great for anthemic lines.

    My favorite about this library is the Middle range and the Staccs. The FFF is really good, but I have to learn to balance this type of sound in an orchestration/composition context. So its not my favorite for reasons regarcing my own skill.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    King, I actually had an orgasm reading your description of the library sounds. I reached climax at the \'matrix-indiana jones-rip your face off\' point. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    I need this library. I don\'t just want it, I need it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    I don\'t think this was mentioned, but when is the releae date?

    Congratulations to all involved.

    Yikes reading this forum lately I think we all need about a dozen more gigastudios!

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