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Topic: Goofed up Gig. File..

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    Goofed up Gig. File..

    I was trying to edit the French Horn Sustain patch from QLB, but ended up just making poop and botched it up. I tried replacing the patch by inserting the 5 disk, but I think you have to replace the entire collection.

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    Re: Goofed up Gig. File..

    HELP ME!!! This is the only GOOD french horn sustain patch I got! Help me out here!

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    Re: Goofed up Gig. File..

    hmm in my copy all you have to do is copy the gig from teh Disc I believe. maybe its got a new install process.

    what did you do to the file?

    Is the original from the Giga version? or converted to Akai?

    If its giga, someone can share their art file. Which I guess I could do later

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    Re: Goofed up Gig. File..

    It was originally from Giga. I was trying to create a crossfading patch, but I guess I didn\'t know how and botched it up. An art file would help if anyones got it.

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