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Topic: VOTA any good apart from word-building?

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    VOTA any good apart from word-building?

    Every demo I have listened to of VOTA seems to show off it\'s word building, but does anyone know if it is any good for choral and solo melodic writing (ahhs and oohs). As far as I can see VOTA is the only good giga choir library available. Iv\'e heard Syphony of Voices is good but can\'t be bothered to convery to giga. Can anyone offer any advice?

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    Re: VOTA any good apart from word-building?

    VOTA is very nice for all manner of choral support, oohs, ahhs, eeeehs, etc., are all good, multisampled, and highly usable. It plays well from the keyboard, and even if you do not word-build with consonants, you can build what I\'d call \"faux words\" just by switching vowels.

    Don\'t write off Symphony of Voices, though. With Translator it\'s a super easy conversion, and I would rate it just as highly as VOTA in a different way. It has a much broader scope. It\'s very \"Roland\" in that you can assume Eric\'s programming to be smooth and polished. In fact, if word building is not a priority, you may actually be better served by SOV.

    At any rate, you\'d be done with the conversions in a single afternoon, easily, so I wouldn\'t factor that into the equation over the overall suitability to your purpose.

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    Re: VOTA any good apart from word-building?

    The guys who made Symphony Of Voices should really be proud of what they\'ve done.. Its been around for quite some time and no later sample library has surpassed it in beauty... IMO VOTA has more power but cannot make that lush sound that SoV does..
    I personally think P. Siedlaczek Classical Choir is crap, but thats me...

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