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Topic: Code of Microsoft release for developers!!!

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    Code of Microsoft release for developers!!!

    Well, looks like Microsoft has to comply and release their code that they have used to create the Windows XP OS.

    The free code, is suppose to be available on the net. The advantages is for all. Sound Developers, Programmers, Hardware/Software you name it. Nothing is more frustrating for companies to create drivers to work with Windows OS if, they cannot decipher all the code.

    The reason for posting this here, is that it gives me hope for us Giga Users, to know that Tascam and all our Audio/Midi Hardware/ Software developers will be able to integrate their drivers to work with total compatibility on a Windows OS system, just as well as Microsoft\'s own products do.

    Just read an article on Yahoo this morning.

    http://dailynews.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&ncid=716&e=3&u=/ap/200208 05/ap_on_bi_ge/microsoft_antitrust_2

    Just thought some might be interested!


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    Re: Code of Microsoft release for developers!!!

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