Hi again!

I just wanted to let everyone know how completely impressed I am with the individuals who contribute to this forum. Though I just turned twenty, music has been a driving force in my life and has given me cloud 9 experiences that I wouldn\'t trade for anything. I have been using Gigastudio for quite sometime, but it was only recently that I decided to give this forum a chance. . . in a world where everyone clamours simply to be able to express themselves artistically, basic human kindness is replaced with selfish ambitions. I am just amazed with the sincerity of those who spend their time to help, give guidance, share their music, and explain the different techniques and knowledge that they have gathered throughout the years. I hope someday I will have the priviledge of meeting some of you in person. . . until then. . . KEEP THE MUSIC COMING!

Jarrod Radnich