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Topic: Wisdom for a beginner

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    Wisdom for a beginner

    A few years ago I bought the AKAI 3020 EWI but never really put in the time to master it. Now…with samples progressing the way the have, I’m dying to jump on the bandwagon and start creating with the EWI. So… I’m considering taking that step by purchasing the Garritan Personal Orchestra.

    - Is GPO a good place to start?

    - What other equipment/software will I need? (I have a G4 dual 1G with an mBox, Pro Tools, Finale, and a Midiman 2x2… and an ancient version of Performer - not DP). I read that GPO comes with Kontakt… but I’m not exactly sure how that works.

    - Does anybody out there use the 3020… or do most use Yamaha’s WX5?

    Thanks for your wisdom!


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    Re: Wisdom for a beginner

    Hi Josh, GPO does come with its own Kontakt player as you say. By the look of your setup you will at least need a sequencer. I think that GPO ships with a version of Cubase as a matter of fact.

    Your computer sounds like it is quite capable (actually more than capable) of running GPO.

    Oh, and GPO is a great place to start. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Wisdom for a beginner

    Isn\'t GPO compatible with RTAS? Why wouldn\'t PT work for a sequencer? Granted it\'s not nearly as cool as logic or a full blown dedicated MIDI app, but it\'s probably an okay place to start for you.

    Here\'s a question - GPO\'s weirdest bug is the MOD wheel issue where it resets everytime you hit stop in Logic. Will the EWI fix that problem by automatically sending Mod whell info with the breath info?


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