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Topic: Converting CD libraries...

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    Converting CD libraries...


    I was wondering what really happens when you convert sample libraries using cdxtract. I have a samplecd that I want to convert from EXS24 to giga. Do I loose anything by doing that?

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    Re: Converting CD libraries...

    I\'ve not tried CDXtract. I have Chicken sys and it\'s touch and go. Some conversions are great, other loose a lot of setup data. Usually envelopes and the like get messed up. The core sample data usually make it okay. I\'ve not tried a conversion from EXS-Giga. I\'ve made several conversions from Giga to EXS with the built in EXS converter and it works very well (thus far - 3-4 libraries).


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    Re: Converting CD libraries...


    I\'ve got both (CDXtract and Translator) and I find that sometimes one will convert better than the other and vice versa. It is not consistent even for the same platform. I don\'t have specifics for you as I haven\'t had the time (nor do I care that much as long as I get my stuff converted when I need to) to find out why one will work better than the other at various times, even for the same conversion formats.

    I have found that overall, Translator gets you closest when converting. It is the one that I go to first for my conversions. However, it has crashed on me a few times. In general, both are fairly stable.

    I have found sometimes where CDXtract gets closer to the original programming and other times where Translator gets closer. Again, I do not have the time to figure out why. Sometimes, it is the filters, sometimes it is mod-wheel crossfades, sometimes it is other things.

    I originally bought Translator because it used to be much better at the conversion. CDXtract has improved substantially and I ended up getting it when I was having various problems with conversions in Translator.

    I will say that both programs have great service from their developers. Both go the extra mile to help you. While only one product can do you fine, I bought both just because conversion can be time-consuming and I find it much quicker to be as close as possible to the original programming before I start to tweak.

    I disagree that the exs-24 Giga conversion works well. It never brings over the mod-wheel crossfade programming that you find in many Giga libraries these days. For the straight ahead sample libraries that have only key-switching, it does fine. Anything with more programming and I\'ve found that you\'ll end up doing a lot by hand. Granted, I haven\'t used it in a long time now so it may have been improved.

    If you\'re considering one of these two products for conversions, I suggest that you try a demo. They have demo versions on their websites that should give you an idea as to how they convert. If you need more than that, contact the developers directly. As I said, they are both very helpful and will try to do what they can to sell their product to you.


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