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Topic: Synclavier Sounds

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    Synclavier Sounds

    Other than the ilio sample cds how can I get a hold of some of the sounds from the synclavier (without buying one) Listening to the music from X-Files and Millennium etc by Mark Snow, I have heard some really cool sounds come out of it. I have been told by another composer someone that has worked with him (Louis Febre) that most of his sounds still come from the synclavier so Im sure the sounds im after aren\'t on any sample cds (ive looked high and low, and lower...). Ethnic flute phrases, pad sounds, orchestral hits and Symphonic Adventure type ochestral effects, Distorted Reality type weird sounds I WANT EM DAMN IT! Does anyone sympathize or can help me???? PLEASE Ive been looking around for these for A G E S.

    PS: Its a pity they didnt sample all the string sounds on the ilio string synclavier cd properly since the synclavier has a really REALLY beautiful harp which they screwed up by sampling a few notes badly. Grr.


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    Re: Synclavier Sounds

    There is an overwhelming possibility that Mark Snow uses proprietary samples that he (or his guys) made specifically for him. So if you\'re looking for that you\'re probably out of luck.

    As far as the Synclavier stuff, look on e-bay, you might find some of the drives and disks used on it. I was under the impression that Translator could read synclavier formats, maybe I\'m thinking of another program.

    Ultimately, it might be more trouble than it\'s worth. With the abundance of great string libraries such as GOS, and equally great Harps samples, you might really be better off investing your time using those products and let the mighty Synclavier remain a sweet memory.

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    Re: Synclavier Sounds


    The sounds of the synclavier are more than just the samples. It\'s the way they sound coming off the box that makes the difference.

    I\'ve worked with Synclaviers before. They are great for what they do, and NO, the same samples played back on a different sampler just don\'t sound the same.

    I\'m old enough to have once owned a Kurzweil 250, and it\'s the same thing. Off of the box, it was amazing for it\'s day, and I still miss the solo cello from it. But the K250 samples played back on an AKAI or the like, don\'t sound the same.

    These vintage samplers were constructed with the highest quality components that modern samplers (or computer sound cards) don\'t use anymore. Many of the electronic components were NASA quality...and yeah, I dropped 14,000 bucks on my K250 back in 1985.,and running the original Digidesign Sound Designer 1 to edit the samples on the original Mac. Those were the days.

    It\'s kind of the difference between playing a real B3 or Rhodes over a great sample collection, these days.

    It\'s kind of strange to think of emulating an emulator, but that\'s what it is when you are dealing with Synclavier samples for Giga or Akai.

    We\'ve come a looong, long way, but you will never see the ruggedness and high spec rates of the old instruments again.

    Anyway, when I hear someone complain about dropping 1,500 bucks for a great sample library or plug-ins, I remember my K250 purchase in 1980\'s dollars. But I\'m not complaining...it more than paid for itself.

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    Re: Synclavier Sounds

    Anyway, when I hear someone complain about dropping 1,500 bucks for a great sample library or plug-ins, I remember my K250 purchase in 1980\'s dollars. But I\'m not complaining...it more than paid for itself.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Those were different times! It wasn\'t unusual for an ad agency to drop $30k on a regional spot. In those times, Synclaviers, Kurzes and Fairlights more than made up their money.

    Now the clientele is a lot tighter budget-wise and the competition is fierce. I would find it extremely difficult to justifying the expense of a Synclavier (the original price) nowadays.

    If you\'re getting one on Ebay, expect to pay between $2-5k If you ask me, you\'re looking for trouble, those guys are a pain to get repaired, and so many things can go wrong! If I could find one dirt cheap (less than 1k), I\'d like to use it as a controller keyboard just for looks....although I\'m told the feel is nothing to write home about.

    The sentimental value of course is different....you\'re buying a piece of history!

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