A year ago I installed the free Sforzando player. It installed Aria engine v1.625 (win x64). Just recently I installed Garritan World Instruments and got this error dialog when I tried to use it:
"Could not find effect:com.Garritan.Ambience bank:-1 there surely exists an update for this product!"
I could dismiss the dialog window but the ambience effects did not work in the Aria player (the samples did play, though).
I tried updating to Aria 1.620 (from the Garritan website), but this has a different interface, and I got the error dialog anyway!
So, I uninstalled Sforzando, the Aria engine, the Garritan Aria player and the World instruments. Then I reinstalled the complete World Instruments package and it works fine! (Both Aria player and engine are labeled as version 1.111).
The problem is, I used several sfz sounds with the Sforzando player in my previous productions and, though they do load up and play in the Garritan player, they do not sound right. For example, I have a brass ensemble that would sustain as long as I held a note down, and they do not do that in the Garritan player, they sound just for a short time.
So, can I install the Sforzando player and a newer Aria engine somewhere on my computer without screwing up my Garritan installation that needs the older Aria engine?