Well, here\'s the deal... i need a good tack piano for my upcoming Vintaudio Upright piano collection, and cant seem to find one in my present circumstance, therefor i am looking for someone who would have access to one and have the necessary recording gear and knowhow to get the job done.

This would be a pretty straight forward process for the recorder, soft mid and loud velocities pedal up and pedal down + a release layer.
You would get as much support from me as needed and could be guided step by step. The recording would have to be put on cds and shipped to me for editing. This piano would be part of a 3 piano library, therefor the sampler would get a third of the profits emanating from sales of the libraries. This person would need to have a setup of 3 high quality microphones 3 good preamps and 24 bit converters / audio card. Preferably, the recordings would be made on PC, with Cubase or Logic etc etc. But i could deal with audio only, but the quality would have to be pristine.

If anyone is interested, email me at info@vintaudio.com