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Topic: The Garritan Yamaha CFX?

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    The Garritan Yamaha CFX?

    I remember The Garritan Yamaha CFX was announced as coming soon last November and demoed at NAMM in January where VI Labs Ravenscroft piano library seemed to be getting all the attention as it was demoed along side one of the actual $250,000 Ravenscroft pianos.

    I think sampled piano libraries area little like wines as it has a lot to do with preconceived notions of quality vs what you are actually getting for your money besides a beautifully designed interface and hoopla. I've noticed that some can be the latest and greatest at first and then later some people sour on them for different reasons.

    I have several of the SampleTekk pianos which have a modest or no real interface but sound good to me. Getting most of them for 60% off list price or more helps also.

    I guess no wine before it's time.

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    Re: The Garritan Yamaha CFX?

    Quote Originally Posted by fastlane View Post
    I remember The Garritan Yamaha CFX was announced as coming soon last November...
    It's a mystery why Libraries are still announced as "coming soon" way before they should be. When CFX was announced as "coming soon," Beta testing hadn't even started yet. But now, in May of 2014, I can say with confidence that the piano really is "coming soon."


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