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Topic: The Making of "I'm Not In Love"

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    The Making of "I'm Not In Love"

    Here's an audio with images documentary about how the british band 10CC made the pop hit I'm Not In Love.

    10CC was comprised of two of England's most talented duo songs writing teams(Stewart-Gouldman & Godley-Creme)that were not only all good vocalists and talented multi-instrumentalists but were also top studio engineers and producers. At their peak they owned and managed two recording studios call Strawberry Studios.

    Never really getting the attention they deserved music critics considered them the progressive heirs to the Beatles pop art rock genre. Like the Beatles, one team was more pop/commercial while the other was more artistic in nature although they often corroborated all together or switched around.

    Like the Beatles the two teams broke up basically over artistic differences and also really never had the creative success that they enjoyed with their first four albums. Member Erick Stewart would later be brought in to co-write many of the songs on Paul McCarney's mid eighties Press To Play album.

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    Re: The Making of "I'm Not In Love"

    WOW ... That was great, Phil! Thanks for sharing this one.

    We take so much for granted with our modern, digital domains ... but, man, you had to use a lot of good, old-fashion brain power along with a lot of real, physical muscle to make the extrodinary happen. It happened here, for sure.

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    Re: The Making of "I'm Not In Love"

    Nice. My 12th grade English teacher turned me on to 10cc. I believe they had only 1 album released by that time. I still have the first couple.

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