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Topic: Finished my first Giga Instrument

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    Finished my first Giga Instrument

    Well I FINALLY finished the creation of my first giga instrument.

    It\'s a toy piano, and I\'m very happy with the result. Not that a toy piano is a difficult instrument to sample, but it\'s just a nice sense of accomplishment to finally get it done. It sure took a lot longer than I expected. Then again, much time was spent in the \"learning experience\" phase.

    I started making it about five months ago, but realized I needed a more isolated space in which to record the samples, so I scrapped that first attempt and set up a makeshift iso booth in my basement last Sunday. I recorded both Mono and Stereo samples of all 25 keys at two velocities.

    Here\'s the signal flow:

    Mics: Audio Technica 4047s ->
    Preamp: Cranesong Flamingo ->
    Soundcard: M Audio Delta 1010 ->
    Recording Software: Wavelab 3.0

    After recording long Wave files with multiple takes at each velocity, I sifted through the takes and picked out 6 second samples for each note. Then I did some pretty severe EQing to suck out the low end (no need for it in a toy piano), and added a long fade out to each note.

    Thanks to Kevin\'s tutorial (From Tascam.com) I was able to keep things organized and fairly easily create the final instrument.

    I\'d love to share it with those who would like it, but I have a few problems.

    1. My Giga machine doesn\'t have a CD burner and it\'s not connected to the internet, so I need to get the instrument onto a floppy disc in order to upload it to Worra\'s place or some other free gig site. Poor planning on my part when I ordered the machine.

    2. How would one use Winrar to compress the file (the 2 velocity layer instrument is 25 Meg - the single velocity layer instument is 12 Meg) so that I could get it to fit on a floppy? Would Winrar even be able to compress the files that much?

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    Re: Finished my first Giga Instrument

    cool!! looking forward to play with it


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    Re: Finished my first Giga Instrument

    Winrar cannot compress it to fit into one disc but it can compress it and split up the file into smaller files.. Just specify the volume size u want (make it the same size as a floppy disc, about 1.38mb) and bang those files onto floppy discs.
    Copy all the files to your other computer, doubbleclick on the .rar file (the other ones will probably have the extention .r01 .r01 and so on) chose Extract and winrar does the rest..

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    Re: Finished my first Giga Instrument

    Thanks Nagash,

    I\'m glad it can be done. I\'ll do some more exploring and hopefully have something to share in the next few days.

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    Re: Finished my first Giga Instrument

    Great! I love toy piano for that nostalgic flashback feeling...

    Thanks for sharing.


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    Re: Finished my first Giga Instrument

    I finally got the toy piano converted to a .rar file and transfered to a computer that\'s online. I\'ve uploaded the file to Worra\'s Place, so hopefully it will be showing up over there soon. Otherwise I\'d be willing to e-mail it to anyone who wants it. My e-mail address is jasonbknox@hotmail.com if you\'d like to contact me privately.

    It\'s a mono instrument with 2 velocity layers (the loud velocity is set up to trigger when you hit the keys pretty hard). Also, I stretched the range a few notes in either direction (any further would have sounded very fake).

    The .rar file comes in at about 7 Mb.

    The expanded .gig file is around 25 Mb.

    I highly recommend to any newbies that you try your hand at instrument creation. It\'s a great way to really familiarize yourself with the instrument editor and feel more comfortable with the program in general. Once David Govett\'s tutorial becomes available the process should be even less mysterious.

    Anyway, enjoy.

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    Re: Finished my first Giga Instrument


    Congrats on your accomplishment. I will have to grab it one of these days and give it a try.

    I also second your suggestion - try sampling something, or at least try re-programming your samples. There was a time when I didn\'t understand anything in the editor except Open and Save... now here I am recording full-fledged woodwind, brass, then solo vocal libraries! (Which incidentally, I think are really going shake things up and provide a new level of realism!) But more on that a little further down the line.

    More people should try their hand at this, it\'s actually kinda fun, and really rewarding when you can reprogram something to make it easier to use, or sample something new.

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