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Topic: Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?

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    Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?

    Which sampler format (except Giga) works best for piano?

    It is a demanding instrument when you have sustained samples, non-sustained samples, and release samples.

    Do you experience choking, spitting noises etc. when playing the piano on your sampler?

    I am trying to figure out which way to go with the upcoming Art Vista piano library. You can email me directly, if you wish:

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?

    After my recent experience with Franky\'s, VintAudio Yamaha C7 in HALion format, I would give a resounding YEA to HALion. It\'s more \"playable\" than any other piano I\'ve used to date. No audio break-ups, glitches, etc, in 24-bit no less! I use your Malmsjo (16-bit) on HALion as well with no problems.

    CP might be an issue, but I\'m willing to support great sample developers like all here on Northern Sounds!

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    Re: Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?


    I could only speak for Bardstown\'s Borsendorfer.
    Having Giga, Kontakt & Halion 2, the flexibilities in these samplers for Kip McGinnis\'s samples are just incredible. I have encountered zero problmes and how to lend Kudos to Kip with his support in answering any questions about these sampler platforms. In fact he spent 45 minutes on the phone with me optimizing his BOSE for Halion 2. I learned quite a bit here.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?

    All the \"big\" software samplers perform well. They can all handle the load plus they can all handle release samples.
    HALion has one annoying bug when it comes to pianos:
    When you play a note with sustainpedal down, and then play the same note, softer, that sample cuts off the first one.
    This is a known problem for most pianists that use HALion and they are raiging a lot about it (rightfully) in the Cubase forum.

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    Re: Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?

    The new Kontakt update 1.52 works beautifully with the Bardstown Audio Bose. It\'s very stable and suprisingly, uses
    a minimal amount of CPU considering the size of this sample.

    Thanks Kip and NI!

    Tom wolfe

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    Re: Which Sampler Performs Flawlessly with Piano?


    I just ran a few tests with the Bardstown BOSE with Halion 2. It has some great low pass filters and I haven\'t found any issue with this sampler. In fact with Halion 2, you can easily darekn this piano or make it bright. Halion 2 is SO flexible when you need the right sound in the right score.

    I\'ll be testing Bardstownaudio\'s Guitars next with Halion 2 - probably in the latin genre..

    Alan Russell

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