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Topic: Meadows?

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    So I was looking for a particular audio file this evening, and found something I had completely forgotten about! (I still haven't found the original file I was searching for )

    I don't even remember why I wrote this (as if I need a reason), but I think I had originally planned for it to be part of a multi-movement piece. To me the ideas sound like they were cut short, and the rendering was hastily put together, but I figured it's been a very long time since I've posted anything for orchestra here (years, in fact) so I thought I'd share my discovery here! The last-updated date on the original WAV file says November 6, 2011, so it's certainly been sitting around a while. I think that was just as I started a long stint of writing for percussion.

    Meadows (which was likely just a working title) is a short chorale-like piece for orchestra. It changes tone a bit at the end, but is otherwise fairly straight-forward.

    Anyways, here it is, and thanks for listening!

    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
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    Re: Meadows?

    Hi Michael,

    What a lovely surprise. A nice 'discovery'. I think I will have to throw my house upside down to find such little marvels.

    The composition can use some freshening up in the orchestration and in the thematic elaboration, but it sounds pretty much OK. Up to you to go a step further now...


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    Re: Meadows?

    I think I will have to throw my house upside down to find such little marvels.
    I won't. My wife will object. But it remains a nice piece of work. As Max already said, a bit of refreshing in orchestration, etc... is needed. Now that you've found it again, just do it.


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    Re: Meadows?

    Hello Max and Raymond! Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! I do hope you go searching and find something nice! I'm sure I have my first MIDI compositions on a hard-drive somewhere from over 10 years ago. I can assure you, if I find them, I will do you all a favor and not post them!

    I completely agree that this could use some reorchestration and fleshing-out of some themes and ideas, but I'm not sure I will continue with this one or not. I will probably go back to writing for orchestra sometime, though. I took a 3-year long break from writing for percussion before I went back to it. I was afraid that when I went back I would've lost a lot of my ability for the ensemble, but I think I did okay

    I can only hope the same will be true for when I approach the orchestra again!

    Thanks again for your comments, and good luck with your searching!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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