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Topic: GS + RAID question

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    GS + RAID question


    I posted this in the GS section but thought someone here might be able to help also.

    I\'m in the process of buiding a giga rig for live performance and need help with a couple of questions.

    I am trying to decide whether to use either 2 x 36GB raptors in a RAID configuration OR 1 x 74GB raptor.

    Both drives would be for samples and a seperate HD for O/S

    The problem is, the 36 GB raptors have a slower seek time and are reportedly noisier, the 74GB raptor has a better seek time but I\'d have the trouble of it trying to stream a lot of data off of the one disk.

    Anyone thoughts or comments would really be appreciated.

    Ben H

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    Hi Ben, this is only my opinion but I have found RAID arrays troublesome and time consuming to get running (and keep running) properly.

    I believe that single drives run quite fast these days and that RAID is perhaps not worth setting up for streaming samples.

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    If you are using GS, the reason RAID configurations don\'t buy you anything is because GS is only accessing 64 KB each time it goes to disk. RAID pays off with much much larger files. Seek time is the key (hence Raptor). So, I would suggest the single Raptor configuration.

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    What if I decide to dedicate one drive to GS and the other to VSTi\'s? Is RAID the better configuration option.

    Could I stream GS off of one and have the VSTis triggered from the other without the system falling over on me? Remember I\'d be hoping to play in Real-Time, not sequencing.

    The PC would be dedicated to GIGA (streaming) + VSTi\'s (RAM based) played back by a small VSTi host.

    Oh, and why do Truespec recommend RAID for their VSL GIGA systems?

    Ben H

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    Here\'s our view on our TrueSpec giga systems. If the customer says, \"Vienna,\" we say, \"RAID.\" This especially helps in loading the larger samples. For Giga 3.0, from conversations we\'ve had with Tascam, the RAID will play an important part in helping lift polyphony plus loading.

    If you\'re not going to use a large library like Vienna, then you can use the Raptor drives. But I have a problem recommending them because of the trade off between warehousing/boosted polyphony and price. 74GB for $260+ isn\'t very much. With two in a RAID, you\'re looking, realistically, at 138GB (allowing space for formatting) for over $520.

    What you have to think about is whether gaining an extra 20-40 voice polyphony is worth the extra sums of money.

    Even with Giga 3.0, the issues will still be the same - large libraries need large drives. So consider these thoughts in your planning.

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    Thanks Peter and everyone,

    My situation is a little different in as much as this is for a LIVE rig to use as a sampler. So I don\'t need all my samples on my GIGA gig rig, but I am thinking raptors because of the critical seek time.

    I am thinking of a RAID configuration because it would allow me more throughput which I would need in my live situation. Also maybe dedicate 1 drive to GIGA and the other to VSTi\'s

    Also, unlike a normal GIGA setup I require fewer articulations because playing a wind controller allows you to do this eg. No staccato samples because you blow the note harder, no vibrato samples because this can be done.

    Getting back to volume usage though currently my instruments are typically 4L, and about 154MB each. I think my main problem is that if I have a brass stack of 6 instruments that means I need to be streaming nearly 1GB in REAL-TIME. Also, If I want to swap between instruments in a song I would need more.

    Am I way off?

    Thanks everyone for your help,

    Ben H

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    It would be nice if Tascam started to post some clear cut guidance on this issue. Lots of us are building machines now that we intend to use with GS 3.0.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">In a way they have, which is another reason we use RAID\'s on the Giga\'s with Vienna.

    The polyphony figure of 385 voices as reported in the Giga 3.0 NAMM brochure came from an IDE RAID with 120GB drives 7200RPM 8mb cache. While the jury is still out until everyone gets the beta version to test, early tests with Raptors only yielded an extra 20-40 voices.

    If you want to build your own (darn!), you\'re in good shape with the SATA drives and a RAID.

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    Re: GS + RAID question

    Thanks everyone,

    Your information has been very helpful.

    Ben H

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