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Topic: Portamento Strings Please

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    Portamento Strings Please

    I own both Silver and Gold and they do not feature portamento strings. Can anyone out there direct me to a library that has this feature? Not just solo, but ensembles as well. I love the sound of a huge string section sliding up and down. Is there a library that allows you to \"play\" the portamentos or are these \"pre-defined\" intervals that you cut and paste in? In other words, could you please explain how you execute this articulation. Any info would help. (Oh, and it would be great if the libary was free with the purchase of a happy meal! i.e. rather inexpensive)

    All the very best,

    Darren [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Portamento Strings Please

    VSL Performance Set, if you only want solo you can get the cheaper VSL Solo Strings.


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    Re: Portamento Strings Please

    In both cases, time interval is fixed. You \'execute\' it by using the VSL Performance Tool, but combining non-portamento and portamento passages requires combining two different articulations.

    Portamento samples are limited to plus/minus one octave range iirc.


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    Re: Portamento Strings Please

    We just had a discussion on this -

    and the only other solution beside VSL seems to be Garritan (not quite the same though).

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