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Topic: vsl AND ewqlso

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    Re: vsl AND ewqlso

    Hmmm, I\'ve read that OTHER ewql and vsl thread and I can see everyone is probably bored to tears of this topic! And there\'s good info in there which I\'ve read through.

    But to the relatively newbies, this compatibility stuff is extremely interesting.

    I suppose I have to spend the $600 (that\'s Canadian dollars, not those bigger US bucks or Euros) for VSL solo strings and find out the hard way if it works out of the box in Logic, or just triggers a long journey of compatibility bugs and \"almost works\" features.

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    Re: vsl AND ewqlso

    VSL & QLSO can blend very well, especially in the manner you\'re describing. The Solo strings, once panned to fit the panning of QLSO, can sit nicely \"under\" QLSO\'s ambience without adding any additional reverb.

    Within the EXS 24, VSL should work well. However, for more detailed info on this, your better source is the VSL forum for the EXS at www.vsl.co.at

    SAM blends well with VSL. I don\'t know what you mean when you ask if it runs compatiblty with SAM Brass. If compatible = blends, then yes.

    There are issues with some NI programs working with Logic on OS X. The best source for correct info is the NI forum here on Northern Sounds.

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    Re: vsl AND ewqlso

    \"Prosonus Orquestral Collection\" is definitively much better than QLSO and VSL together [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: vsl AND ewqlso

    Just be aware that for the performance tool to work in Logic/EXS, you have to have at least vs 6. something. That leaves out all of us Emapple PC orphans.

    If I decide to get the VSL solo strings, I\'ll probably have to add a third computer and run it in Giga.

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    vsl AND ewqlso

    Please, no bashing here! Just wondering about actual experience in working studio environments.

    I\'m loving EWQLSO Platinum Strings, it\'s amazing. For two reasons I would also like to add some VSL instruments, in particular Solo Strings.

    Reason 1 is musical, the desire to bring more nuance and choice in the playing / players. I\'m writing contemporary classical type stuff and need to create expressive solo instrumental lines in particular.

    Reason 2 is practical, the need to acquire something with guaranteed functionality while waiting for the issues of NI-DFD- Logic to sort out. I\'d like to order a quality library, install it, and have it work right away!

    I see in another post a few questions with the Legato tool in Logic. Does anyone know if VSL Solo Strings is reliable in EXS24 format with Logic OSX?

    I suppose it\'s too much to ask for NI and EXS libraries to run in the same host, but do VSL libraries run compatibly with SAM brass?

    Again, please nothing about which colour is nicer, EWQL blue or VSL green!! They both sound great, I want some of each. Any suggestions about the best way to expand the orchestral palette.

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    Re: vsl AND ewqlso

    Here\'s an example of what you\'re asking about created by Craig Sharmat:


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    Re: vsl AND ewqlso

    Gorgeous. Thanks for posting that.

    The musical compatibility is the most important part and everyone seems to agree about the combine -a - bility.

    There\'s another thread that answers some of our technical questions, comparing VSL in exs and giga.

    Thanks everyone. This is a great forum.

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