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Topic: GOS Avante Garde. . . how do you notate?

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    GOS Avante Garde. . . how do you notate?

    Hey everyone!

    I am falling in love with many of the Avante Garde effects in the GOS library and am currently composing a piano concerto that will be performed probably within a year or so. Anyway, I want to know how to notate those interesting ADD Techniques found in the GOS library. Is there anyway I can find out how these effects were actually played? Also, if anyone is interested in hearing a decent \"rough\" of the concerto let me know. It is entitled MACAW and is a beautiful blend of Brazilian lyricism and the Native American flute. . . all within the confines of a piano concerto! Thanks!

    Jarrod Radnich

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    Re: GOS Avante Garde. . . how do you notate?

    I remember a book called \'New Music Composition\' by David Cope from my days at university which had a fair bit of that. Also Blatters \'Instrumentation/Orchestration\'. Check out some scores by Penderecki and Ligeti. There\'s probably a modern notation reference book around somewhere.Of course since Gary got these things played you could ask him how he wrote it!

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    Re: GOS Avante Garde. . . how do you notate?

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    Re: GOS Avante Garde. . . how do you notate?

    Hehe, well, the way I notate it is I use this little diamond note thingy and write under it, \"full string glissando.\" Piece of cake. WHY ISN\'T THERE HARMONIC GLISSES FOR VIOLINS!! AAAaaaagghhghg.. I love that harmonic gliss effect in the Firebird Suite Stravinsky used so well. I have to say that\'s my favorite piece of all time.

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