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Topic: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

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    VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    With the pending VSL price increase its time to make a decision about upgrading to the pro edition.

    I am tempted to go with the crossgrade to the exs version.
    I have read about the performance tool problems but in other regards, how does the exs version compare to the giga version.

    Personally I am not thrilled with life in Logic and I am leary about commiting VSL dollars to exs but my impression of the namm demos I saw was that the exs version does some cool things that giga does not.

    Hows life with vsl in exs format?
    Anyone regret cross grading?
    Is the exs version cooler? More functional?

    Or should I stick with giga and hope that 3.0 adds these exs only features?

    Thanks as always to the NS brain trust. My dollars have been better spent because of this forum!

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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    Personally I think the coolest thing was giving Mac the ability to stream VSL samples from the hard drive. I have a full orchestral mockup with multiple performance tools open and love working like this! To me its very intuitive and powerful - with Logic Platinum it\'s really fantastic - my two cents. (55 combination instruments open with multiple articulations each, along with 9 performance tool instruments and two instances of Altiverb on my little G5 Dual 2Ghz.)

    Disclaimer: I\'m not a Giga man... read: I haven\'t used Windows in 5 years. Giga 3 looks fantastic so don\'t discount possibilities with that as well - many folks at VSL use Giga.



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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    Originally posted by ed hamilton:
    ...its time to make a decision about upgrading to the pro edition...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I also run Gigastudio and Exs24 w/ Logic and I like them both but if you’re planning to upgrade to the VSL Pro here’s some food for thought for you off the top of my head:

    (Please keep in mind that the following list is far from being exhaustive, and I’m sure you and others will add or subtract your own pros and cons according to your own experiences w/ these products. Many will disagree w/ me of course but hey, such is life! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )


    Nicely integrated w/ Logic.
    Makes easy to apply effects and quickly bounce…
    The exs24 VSL version has multiple dynamics…and
    Patches are more expressive at this time (thanks Sharmy)
    Everything runs on one Mac.
    Easy to mix instruments right in Logic.

    Loading samples takes a lot of time. Even w/ the Exs manager tool!
    If you create new or load existing songs, the system will have to reload all your samples each time.
    The G5 can only accommodate 2 SATA drives.
    If you need more you’ll have to attach an ext Firewire drive (slower than SATA)
    Or you could buy a third party SATA drives for the G5. Cost $1300.00 for 2x$250Gb!!!
    There’s also a sample loading ram limitation w/ the Exs24, 2gb?

    GIGA 3.0

    Loading samples are quicker. Only need to do it once a day or never if you leave your PC on.
    Treat it as an hardware sampler ala Emu or Akai.
    Easy to change songs/pieces as long as you use the same template w/ logic.
    3.0 can address more than 1gb now. (btw also giga 2.5)
    You can install as many SATA drives as you need.
    You can build a cheap and stable (yes!) PC.
    Painless transition should you decide to use another sequencer DP, SX, Sonar…
    You could capture your audio files within Giga and transfer them to Logic w/ the new capture feature..
    Or access them thru optical/digital cables for further processing.
    You could add another PC if you need to use more articulations/samples.
    The G5 is now free to run all the plug-ins you want.
    You could use the Exs24 for your rhythm section..(if you need one)
    You could use one of these PC for mastering (if you want)
    I find very easy to visualize the samples right in one screen vs buried in the exs menus/folders.
    You could run VST effects on the samples including Gigapulse.

    Needs separate PC.
    Additional cost of HW, audio cards, midi interface...
    (Unless Max @fxteleport releases his killer app for Mac!)

    I hope this helps. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    Fredrick, Craig and J,

    Thanks much for the input.
    Lots to consider and your comments are surely helpful.

    I have some specific questions but I am fried tonight. Please check back in a day or so.

    This forum rules.


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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    FYI, Max@fxteleport isworking full steam ahead on the Mac version.

    As much as the Giga side seems attractive, the convience of being able to do everything in Logic is a beautiful thing. I save my Giga machine for VOTA. Plus, all the added hardware for MIDI & audio just to run it on another machine can get pricey IMO.

    For another viewpoint look here...


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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    The biggest problem with EXS is that you\'re limited to one machine, unless you buy another Logic Pro and resort to some trickery to get it to act as a stand-alone host.

    That\'s in addition to what other people have said - I also like EXS!

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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed


    The Garfinkle template is interesting but I find it hard to believe he can run all this stuff on a 1Ghz G4. Perhaps with freeze, huh?

    I\'m sort of in in the position where I\'m trying to like Logic but there\'s a lot about it which is klunky, so I don\'t think I can commit to a VSL/EXS version. Even if I loved Logic to death, limiting options doesn\'t seem very smart given the speed at which technology is moving.

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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    Originally posted by JHanks:
    The G5 can only accommodate 2 SATA drives.
    OR you could buy a third party SATA drives for the G5. Cost $1300.00 for 2x$250Gb!!!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Lee, that\'s exactly what I meant in my post by \"third party\" SATA drives solution for the G5. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Thanks for the link. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    Very exciting news, Lee - thanks for the heads-up! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: VSL EXS version - opinions needed

    I can\'t believe Mr. Garfinkle can get that much loaded on a G4.

    I have about 1.5gigs of ram dedicated to logic and with EXS loading the shortest samples I can\'t get anywhere near that amount.

    Am i missing something??

    And about load times....
    Fredrick, Craig, J and Nick, how long is it taking you guys to open large logic/exs templates.
    And is it way faster on a G5?

    THere is something really appealing about having everything inside logic and I am leaning this way.

    Please keep posting suggestions. You guys are helping me to stick with Logic a bit longer. It may just get me over the hump of learning this thing.
    Logic seems to NOT follow so very many standard Mac conventions that its almost tragic. More than a bit ironical that apple bought emagic.

    But VSL on exs plus logics TDM bridge are strongly in its favor.

    Either Logic is just a bastard to learn or i got really old and dumb in the last few months.


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