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Topic: Why was Donnie banned?

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    Why was Donnie banned?

    I just saw a note from Donnie Christian on the Tascam BBS, saying that he had been banned from the NS forum.

    Anyone know why?

    Since when was being a Celine Dion fan a bannable offence? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] (sorry Donnie)

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    I hope that\'s a rumor, because even though Donnies rants have been in excess, there are those, (nameless) who\'ve been just as or more juvenile.

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    If it\'s indeed true that he\'s been banned is probably due to some inappropriate language and overall negative attitude that he\'s displayed on some threads (you all know which ones).

    But....I get the feeling we haven\'t seen the last of him yet!

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    Who\'s the guy who has the power to ban anyone from the forum? Papa Chalk? What\'s his email?

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    Bring him back! I wanne be entertained! ;P

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    In the interest of free speech and the value of information from a developer, I do hope he has not been banned. The bad blood and bickering was unfortunate and unnecessary, but he is a source of good information, and that is the purpose of a forum. Perhaps in the future the moderators can step in sooner to slap down the catfights.

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    Is it normal to ban someone from a forum, and then not explain why to the rest of the members?

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    I also appreciate Donnie\'s input and don\'t mind the occasional conflict. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an asset to this forum. Heck, he\'s member no. 25 and closing in on 1000 posts (gold watch?)!

    BTW Donnie, if you are out there, thanks for completing the Prosonus update.

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    I hate to see Donnie go to, but he had been warned by admins to change his behavior many many many times, at some point they have to act i\'m sorry to say. Chadwick, if you make a search of Donnie\'s posts and read them you\'ll come to see what they\'re talking about.

    I\'m all for free speech too, but there comes a time where personal attacks from developers and bad behavior has to be stopped, he\'ll be back don\'t worry but he needs this cooling off period.

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Why was Donnie banned?

    If the moderators are power-tripping and saving the sensitive forum members from the horrid wrath of Donnie, possibly they may also pay some attention to their own rules and start re-locating the growing number of non-\"sample library\" related posts in this topic area to their appropriate locations.

    This particular location is described: \"This forum is for discussions related to sounds for GigaSampler\". I, for one, would gladly welcome Donnie back, as he at least followed that rule and primarily discussed sample libraries. - Gungnir

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