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Topic: It's that time again!

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    It\'s that time again!

    We\'re offering a few DC GigaSamples on eBay at great prices. So if you haven\'t purchased them yet, here\'s your chance!

    Exotic Percussion

    Fender Strat

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    Re: It\'s that time again!

    If anyone was wondering, Exotic Percussion is COOL even at full price.

    (I wasn\'t paid to say that, by the way!)

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    Re: It\'s that time again!

    digitalc , there is a comma after the www in your wed address in your user profile. For those interested, their web page is:

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    Re: It\'s that time again!

    For those of us who already have those, what have you got coming out new? A Hammond Novachord, perhaps? Big Band Brass? Hmmmmmm? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: It\'s that time again!

    Thanks for the kind words!

    My link has been fixed and should also be available in my signature now. Thanks.

    We have a whole bunch of ideas for new CD-ROMs, but it\'s so much work! As soon as we have a large enough block of time, we\'ll be pumping out more high quality, low priced DCGigasamples.

    PS. 24bit versions are still coming...

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