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Topic: Squarecircle Mobius!!!!

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    Squarecircle Mobius!!!!

    The new shipment with Gigastudio 160 comes with a Wave Editor/Loop slicing editor made by a company called Squarecircle the product is called Mobius.

    This looks like a very nice integration. Want to know if anyone out there can give me a response as to how good it works and why it comes shipped with Giga? Do you think Giga is finally integrating 3rd party solutions to work with Gigastudio itself. What quality is the editor compared to Wavelab etc. Someone with experience give us the scoop on this new software called Mobius?


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    Re: Squarecircle Mobius!!!!

    That\'s interesting news...

    The original GigaSampler came bundled with a 3rd party editor called Sample Wrench. When GigStudio was first advertised, in said it would come with Mobius. But it didn\'t.

    I don\'t think Mobius is on the same level as WaveLab and SoundForge.

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    Re: Squarecircle Mobius!!!!

    I am curious at how its integration with Gig file support is. If thats what they mean by \"gigastudio support\".

    However, it does seem that the editor as a whole isn\'t up to par with Wavelab (not many are IMO)

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