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Topic: Piano-e-competition

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    In case you haven\'t noticed, the midi files from the preliminary
    rounds of the \'04 Piano-E-Competition are available at that web site:

    There are some 8 MB(!) worth of midi files available there.

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    Re: Piano-e-competition

    Thanks for the interesting link, Freya! I will be sure to check the MIDI files out! Just an interesting note from the site is that one of the formats available there is a high resolution MIDI that goes beyond the boundaries of standard MIDI (which is also available from the site). This format is intended for the Yamaha Disklavier used in the competition and uses a scale of 0-1023 (much more that the 0-127 of standard MIDI) to record hammer (note-on) velocity, key-on velocity, and key-release (note-off) velocity, and pedal data for sustain and una corda are recorded as continuous data from 0-127 (I guess to simulate soft pedaling). I think software sampler developers should take note and maybe implement some of these enhancements like extended velocity ranges and continuous pedal data!

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