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Topic: Looking for Big Band demos

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    Looking for Big Band demos

    I remember somebody saying we don\'t yet have the samples to do this type of music well.
    Maybe that\'s why I\'ve never hear mock-ups of West Side Story. Not the few violin based pieces in the musical, but the real brassy works.

    Any links where I might find appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos

    Hi Joanne, I think King did some big band demos didn\'t he?

    From memory it was with QL Brass ported into Kontakt. Could be wrong though.


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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos

    Thanks Scott and King. Especially for not suggesting I do a search. I never recalled this subject on NS...and that\'s my excuse.

    King, this is very believable - and just what I needed to get a sense of what can be done. You added techniques that are beyond what I can likely accomplish, but nonetheless, helpful

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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos

    There are quite a few sample sets out there now, and I think with the right mixing of libraries, adn with good mixing/EQ technique and ALOT of reprogramming. You can get some really realistic performances.

    VSL can help with alot of solo work with the legato tools, but for growly/dirty stuff you\'ll have to probably (I dotn have VSL Saxes so I cant say for sure) need to pop in other libraries.

    Phrases can g a long way too, if you spend alot of time chopping them up and re-editing them to make believable performances but original melodies... its much different than playing something in real time tho (which I didm\'t do alot of in teh above mockup)

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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos


    I did a recording of the entire WSS last year, but I had to resort to live players for trumpet and sax (and drums plus some percussion for that matter) since no library is able to provide the edgy biting brass sound needed. I used samples for the trombone and horn parts though as they are not as exposed in the songs (=budget considerations).


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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos

    Hi Joanne,

    basically all of my scoring have a big band foundation..It\'s on my website below..take a pick of any mp3. Most instruments are synthy and are out of the Motif 8 work station. There are times I do add strings & winds (Garritan, EWQLSO and VSL)
    The synthy tracks can\'t be replaced by real samples due to the fact that that Yamaha using physical modeling to create their samples. These tracks need to be replayed and articulated to the articluations available in better samples.
    If future samples can respond like a Yamaha sample, then my notation is easlily replaced here.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos


    What a challenge the entire score must have been. Have you listened to King\'s mp3? Do you think with that sort of detailed custom programming you might have been able to avoid those two live instruments?

    Alan - I was able to choose \"I get a kick out of you\", but can you point me to which specific ones are the brassier/brash tunes? Working 14 hour days on my day job and wish I had the time to download and try each. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos

    Originally posted by Joanne Babunovic:
    Have you listened to King\'s mp3? Do you think with that sort of detailed custom programming you might have been able to avoid those two live instruments?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yep, I\'ve listened to the mp3 and it sounds good, and it\'s certainly one of the better big band mockups I\'ve heard. Whether the end result works or not of course depends on the application. The Kontakt time machine programming King did is really interesting as it give you some control that you couldn\'t have before. I haven\'t tried any of that yet.

    I was hired to do the WSS recording for a live setup of the musical and since I\'ve done a number of musicals before I have found that adding a number of live instruments REALLY helps to cover the flaws in sample libraries or programming. For some reason the ear seems to detect the real instruments in a mix and automatically assumes there are more live players involved. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The live drums in particular does wonders to this type of project. My experience is also not to over-do the programming too exact as it\'s easy to get a lifeless sound. Well done it\'s obviously something to strive for of course (listen to the remarkable mockup by Andy B...) but it takes time that you don\'t always have! Anyway, I always try to record all lines in real-time from keyboard due to this. I lose some articulations and details here and there, but imo the result feels more \"live\".

    So to finally answer your question...yes, I could probably have pulled it off, but no, the end result wouldn\'t have been the same. The bite required for this particular project is not there in samples yet. Actually I had to skimp quite a bit on other parts as well where I would\'ve liked to use more live players to get the right sound.

    To sum it up, when the last show was over and done I was reasonably happy with the end result, my client was very happy and I got another musical project which I\'m starting up right now.

    Time to start all over again. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Looking for Big Band demos


    one of my old favorites when I first got into midi was arranging Stella By Starlight for bigband

    Look for it on my website below.

    Alan Russell

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