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Topic: Mr. Persing .... Please????

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    Mr. Persing .... Please????

    I recently received the following announcement from ILIO.

    This vsti synth library will open up with Mach 5 as an option in addition to its own app.
    QLSO will open into Kontakt. (I think).

    I find myself wishing daily that atmosphere would open into Mach 5.
    This would be a major boon to creating original and interesting sounds.

    Picture loading something from the africa lib. A plucked thing from ethno world. something from world winds and then getting to add some killer synth stuff from atmosphere.
    Tweeking it to create a thick interesting performance. Balance everything and add some effects.

    And getting to SAVE the whole thing for instant recall.

    Even if M5 could only access the raw data out of the .dat file without programming it would still be really cool since the raw samples sound awesome in atmosphere.

    It seems the way of the future is protected sample files. I would mind this much less if we could still load them into apps like Mach 5 and work within in that environment.

    Is there any chance spectrasonics will support Mach 5 reading the .dat file????

    would be cool.

    As a side note...... My Mach 5 folder looks like a giant tribute to spectrasonics. I own way too many of your libraries and they all now reside in M5. I have never been dissapointed by any of your products. Truly and amazing body of work. Many many thanks.

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    Re: Mr. Persing .... Please????

    Thanks Ed....that won\'t be happening, primarily because we are working on our own technology now that goes significantly further than what Mach Five can handle. It makes more sense for USB to do that with Ultra Focus, since they are also the creators of the UVI engine and the Mach Five (not MOTU).

    However, although I can\'t tell you what we are working on, we are always listening and absorbing suggestions like these from our loyal users and I think you\'ll be very happy with what we are cooking up for the future of all our instruments.

    Good things always take time.....


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    Re: Mr. Persing .... Please????

    I hope that what you have cooking includes disk streaming and faster load times for Atmosphere.

    I would actually like to have access to Atmosphere\'s patches in Kontakt format. Although it\'s nice to tweak them, I would also like the possibility of using them in a sampler. I think I know the answer to that already, mainly for faster load time and the cut down on the RAM usage.

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    Re: Mr. Persing .... Please????


    Thanks for the fast reply.

    But I thought atmosphere used the UVI engine?????

    Stylus RMX looks amazing and you consider my upgrade already ordered.

    Looking foward to what you guys are up to next.

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    Re: Mr. Persing .... Please????


    Atmosphere uses a specially customized version of the UVI engine.

    All the best,


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