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Topic: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

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    Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    Does anyone run Atmosphere in Sonar?

    I know it will work with the VST Adapter, but I\'m just wondering how well it works inside Sonar. Thanks.

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    runs flawless

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    No problems at all.

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    Thanks for the responses. Now I\'ll have to get it.

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    You won\'t regret it, Matt. It\'s an amazing instrument.

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    Atmosphere and Trilogy sound so good, its almost hard to justify NOT getting them.

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    Atmosphere working great in SONAR here as well. I agree that it is hard to justify NOT buying it. I don\'t own Trilogy yet. Maybe I need to come up with some justifications for that. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    for the most part it runs well, however there is an occasional issue with the sustain pedal and stuck notes when you stop the transport. To work around just hit the reset button in SONAR\'s tool bar.

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    Re: Atmosphere & Sonar 3

    I use Atmosphere a lot in Sonar and haven\'t had any problems. The only issue was that it was a little hot when I first installed it. I adjusted that (don\'t remember how) and it was fine afterwards.

    -- Martin

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