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Topic: Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

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    Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

    Ok, I know I already asked a \"what ethnic cd\" question, but what have you guys got to say on Ethno world and Heart of Asia? Is it better to forget buying Ethno World and shell out a bit more for Heart of Asia?

    This is of course directed to the people that have used both, for obvious reasons.

    (yes, I have many sample cd questions, sorry. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

    You\'re really mixing apples and oranges here. It should be pretty evident what library you really need by listening to the respective demos. Ethno World is a bit more dance oriented and pretty much strictly percussion loops. Heart of Asia is broader in its scope and gives you lots of instruments such as stringed instruments, flutes, gongs, percussion, etc.

    One that you haven\'t mentioned yet is Percussive Adventures which a lot of guys around here seem to like.

    Ultimately each library has it\'s own scope and usage, you might need both.

    Why don\'t you tell us what you\'re trying to achieve?

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    Re: Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

    Ethno World is all except looped based and dance oriented?
    It\'s mostly multisamples with couple of loops for each instrument, I like it...really good sample material, but for some strange reason it is not behaving well all the time, sometimes it\'s a real poly hog, guess because of really long release times..
    But if you like nicely recorded perc multisamples, Ethno World is great....
    Oh, and altough it sounds great I definetly wouldn\'t call Percussive Adventures an ethno lib...it is very \"studio\" and polished sounding...
    Kind of early early Media Venture sound..... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

    Sorry...must have been thinking of Ethno Techno!

    Those libraries can get confusing!

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    Re: Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

    I have all three

    Ethno World


    and Rare Instruments

    I jsut receieved RI, so I cant comment on it much. I ahve to say the taikos are awesome. I love them. Throw in some compression and boost some highs and you\'ve got a really powerful sound.

    I used to hate Ethno World. I still hate teh way its programmed. Its got no Specific Giga programming at all.

    The release times are way too long on the percussion thats for sure.

    However after spending some time with it and reprogramming a little Its actually grown on me quite a bit. I\'ve always liked the percussion in this lib, but as I\'ve adjsuted release on a few of them and will do more reprogramming I find them more and more useful.


    I\'ve always liked this library. Just about everything except the vocals are usable. I also like the Gamelan sounds in this library more than HoA. The overall sound in this library is good, however you run into problems of harmonic shifting since not everything is chromatically sampled, and some velocity switching (from Sconvert from Akai) is a little jarring

    The Erhu phrases are really usefull to cut up and use in a multitrack.

    This library also benefits from reprogramming.

    Actually al libraries do.

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    Re: Ethno World/Heart of Asia?

    Thanks for the information everyone, its very helpfull.

    To the person that wanted to know what I wanted these samples for: Well you see I am trying to work out which sample cd would be \"more worthy\" (terrible english i know) of my money. IOW, which library is better. Did that make sense. Im not the most coherent of people. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Percussive adventures is not what I would call an \"ethnic\" library, its too processed for that. I do want to get it but I dont want people be say something like \"wow, you did that\" and I\'ll be like ....\"yes!!\" ...and they\'ll say... \"that drum bit is soooo cool! You are very talented\" ... and Ill say ...\"um... well yeah... actually thats a sample I got off a cd, even Goofy would have had an easy time....\"......... if you get what I mean.


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