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Topic: Anyone Using The Following?

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    Anyone Using The Following?

    If anyone is using any of the following, I would appreciate your comments on how good or bad they are. Thanks


    Heavy Hitters - Tommy Lee

    Steve Gadd Drum Scores

    Mark Walker Latin Drums

    Matt Ragan Maximum Strength Accoustic Guitar

    Jim Corrigan Nashville Hi-Strung Guitar

    Jacaranda Guitars Vol 1

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    Re: Anyone Using The Following?

    Originally posted by Larry Negro:

    Matt Ragan Maximum Strength Accoustic Guitar

    Jim Corrigan Nashville Hi-Strung Guitar
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Both of these are excellent. The Matt Ragan MSAG is a big steel-string Martin sound, lots of good articulations, a very complete library.

    The Jim Corrigan NH-SG is a specialized library, specific to Nashville-style guitar tracking. \"High Strung\" guitar is a tracking methodology, where a guitar part is doubled on two differently-tuned (altered tuning, not detuned) guitars, and hard-panned to either side. Think \"Lyin\' Eyes\" by the Eagles. The whole concept behind high strung guitars is to leave a big hole in the mix for vocals while filling out a lot of chord information that doesn\'t overwhelm.

    That\'s what I know...both good. Other great guitar sounds: Franky\'s vintage clean electrics and Kip\'s Bardstown Vintage Flattop. Also, the nylon sample that comes with Kontakt is to die for.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Anyone Using The Following?


    Very informative. I\'m trying to pick the freebees you get with the current Gigastudio promo, and this helps a lot. Thanks again


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    Re: Anyone Using The Following?

    Don\'t know if you\'ve already chosen yet but I also highly recommend Matt\'s Maximum Strenght Guitar. I\'ve used it on several projects with great success everytime.

    Lots of \"Oh my GOD, did YOU play that guitar??\"


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