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Topic: Upgrading Aria

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    Upgrading Aria

    I'm using an old version of Aria ( What advantage is there to upgrading? Also, if I do, will I have to reload the new player with all my instruments and settings?

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    Re: Upgrading Aria

    I believe if you save your settings, then load up version 1.670 (in my case winx64), you should be able load back your settings into the newer version. I do not know exactly what advantage that will give you, but try it, when I did do it I think I liked it, but it was a long time ago.
    Sorry not being more helpful.


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    Re: Upgrading Aria

    Save your Aria settings anyway. In my experience, if you make adjustments with the upgraded Aria player and engine, and then for some reason you need to downgrade, the ensembles and their settings you created in the updated player/engine will not be available in the downgrade. You can go up, but you can't go back down.
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    Re: Upgrading Aria

    Thank you for your replies, gentlemen. I still don't see any real advantage to doing the upgrade, though. I never have problems with Aria, the sounds I use sound Ok, etc. So I'm thinking, if it ain't broke...

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    Re: Upgrading Aria

    A major thing about ARIA updates is that newer Garritan Libraries (post GPO) require them. Instant Orchestra, Harps, Organs - they all have new programming that the newer versions of ARIA provide.

    Something all Libraries benefit from is the Convolution Reverb in ARIA which is a fantastic alternative to the Garritan Ambiance (which is still included also.)


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    Re: Upgrading Aria

    Thanks Randy. I get it now. The only Garritan I use is GPO4. Still can't beat the clarinet and oboe. Also prefer the pizz to other libraries. So unless I buy a new library, I see no need to upgrade.

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