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Topic: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

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    Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Hi all,

    Made my first kinda orchestral tune. Would love to get some feedback on it.
    Im a newbie at orchestral stuff: Good, now you have been warned, hehe
    Anyway - here´s the song:

    Here´s an older jazzy something if anyone want to listen:

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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Hey, don\'t beat yourself up like that, that\'s not cool. For a \"kinda,\" first piece, that sounds pretty damn nice. I guess the only complaint I have is the stereo placement. Spread out the strings some.

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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Thanks for the reply & the tip A_Sapp.
    I´ll try do spread the strings some more.
    Yeah, you´re right, but I consider all you guys here pro´s so Im a little scared of you, hehe
    Atleast when it comes to orchestral music.
    This is the kind of music I uasully do.
    Some samples from my electronic country project:


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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Sounds pretty good, Steve! And as A_Sapp said, that´s very good for a first orchestral tune! I really respect artists who can do variety of styles, since I´m somehow stuck into making only orchestral music [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ... Keep us posted!


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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    I\'m not an orchestra-sim expert, but from a mixing-mastering point of view, on fudge_strings2, the low end is very boomy and muddy at times. One or more of your low end percussion instruments, Gran Cassa and/or Timpani are very boomy and indistinct, causing a lot of low end rumble. Maybe they have too much reverb on them, too long of a decay, and/or the samples need some bass roll-off.

    fyi, I\'m listening through Roland DS90 reference monitors without a subwoofer, which in no way accentuates low end.

    Anyway, hope this helps. Hope this isn\'t nit-picking - I\'m always interested in the overall sound of things from a mastering perspective. I do like the music, though.

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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Thanks for the kind words Paulh [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Its really fun to have an orchestra inside the computer.

    And thanks for the feedback JamesGrote.
    I had been sitting last nite doing the song and used headphones and I just heard it on the speaker now. You´re right. Very boomy & muddy.

    Would love to get some mixing and mastering tips & tricks. What to think about. Like A-Sapp´s \"Spread out the strings some\" etc..


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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Very nice, it has that medieval pharoahs type sound to it. I can\'t believe this is only your first orchestral composition as it sounds like you have had plenty of experience.


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    Re: Made my first kinda orchestral tune [mp3)

    Thanks Adam Frechette [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    And yep, its my first orchestral composition.
    Done other music before but that was lightyears from orchestral music. (some mp3 samples above)

    Anyway - I started to grow an interest in filmmusic since I work with film & tv. So last 6 months Ive been listening pretty much on soundtracks. And some friends of mine are making a film and asked if I wanted to do the music and I said sure. But I said I need sample cds coz I wanna try using orchestral sounds so they paid for the sample cds [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    So now Im trying to learn how they work and sound before I start composing for real. Its gonna be intresting.


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