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Topic: Looking for good piano samples...

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    Looking for good piano samples...

    Man I am in need of a new piano sample. I want a warm sounding piano relative to the one that James Horner uses in Legends of the Fall in the main theme. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Looking for good piano samples...


    Check my post about the samples I\'m currently working on in the \"Classical Piano\" thread.

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    Re: Looking for good piano samples...

    HEY, I\'m 17! Finally someone my age! Bwa ha ha! I got malajsmo piano, and it\'s perfect for the sound your looking for. Very nice warm sound. GET IT, it\'s sweet.

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    Re: Looking for good piano samples...

    You may want to check out the sampled Bosendorfer Imperial from Bardstown Audio. This sampled piano is everything from a warm and mellow sound for soft classical and new age, to bright and powerful for heroic classical, jazz, and pop.

    Here are a few demos which feature some of the softer and more mellow and warm sounds of this sampled piano.







    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Looking for good piano samples...

    Very life like indeed. Though I am broke so I will have to wait till I can get the money to buy it.

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