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Topic: Silver News!!

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    Re: Silver News!!

    Nick - The demos are awesome to say the least. These examples show that Silver and Gold give you all of the tools needed to create a wide array of (yes, I\'ll say it) realistic orchestral music styles. Beyond that, the final sound quality is incredible.

    But like me, you are not a hat person.

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    Silver News!!

    There are a bunch of winners of the EWQLSO Silver Contest. I think they are pretty fantastic. We are also working on a major programming update for Silver that will make getting this type of sound easier.

    BERNARD ASSELIN for \"Black Wings\"

    Bernard has won an upgrade to the GOLD EDITION plus the PMI BOSENDORFER 290 PIANO plug-In.

    ************************************************** **********


    We are also giving SILVER to GOLD upgrades to -

    TOM HARTMAN for \"Ride of the Witches\" and

    TREVOR PARKS (T. Parks) for \"Scherzo\" and \"Rusky\"

    Previously we upgraded -

    DARREN PASDERNICK for \"Berlin\"

    You can hear these demos at - http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=EW-161

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