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Topic: Free Samples - What to choose?

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    Free Samples - What to choose?

    Sorr to be redundant (on Tascam site too) but thanks for the help...................

    I get two free sample packages in a promotion for buying GigaStudio 160 this month. I don\'t have anything yet but the Giga Piano that came with the pack. After much listening to the demos of the \"slim\" choices you get, I\'ve decided on Dan Dean\'s solo strings, and Peter Erskines Living Drums. Not much, but a start......

    Any opinions or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    Larry, I don\'t know what you rplans are, but be aware:

    I purchased PELD and wound up very disappointed. The performances are excellent, the sound quality is high, and the individual drum samples are mostly quite good.

    But I wanted the groove tracks, swing jazz, nice cruising drum tracks that I could use to write commercially viable music. And with a couple of exceptions, there simply are NOT enough of any one track to actually produce a whole tune.

    If you\'re a good drum/rhythm programmer, and plan to use primarily the instrument samples as stand-alone drum tracks, it\'s a good CD, but if you want the Peter Erskine feel on a bunch of groove tracks, it\'s a major waste of time and money.

    I wrote them, asking \"Where\'s my tracks???\" and recieved a reply asking what version of the CD I had. I told them Giga, and never heard from them again.


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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    Are you asking for suggestions of libraries to buy? If so, you need to be a bit more specific.

    1. What sounds do you need? Brass? Strings? Guitar? What will you be using them for? Classical? Jazz? Rock?

    2. What\'s your budget?

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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?


    Thanks for the advice on PELD. I had a feeling it might be that way too, but if you look on the Tascam site at what\'s available as the \'free\' packs, you can see the pickins are slim. My first instinct was to get one of the guitar packs....Jacaranda, Max steel or Nashville high strung....along with the solo strings. This is not meant to be my only samples just what I have to pick as free choices.


    Commercial songwriting (country at the moment), as well as orchestration for a contemporary musical drama (Phantom, Les Mis etc.). Since Prosonus got the tuning straightened out I\'ll go for the orchestral set, just because you get a little of everything at a cheap price. I also want the QLVOTA and QLBrass combo when it goes on sale again and probably will stop at that for the moment. What do you think of the choices?


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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    If you can get the combo at that sale price, that\'d be great. VotA is one of my favorite purchases, and QL Brass has been a must for me. Just keep in mind that certain patches in QLB may become slightly outdated once some upcoming libraries are released (Dan Dean\'s Brass Ensembles and the SAM Horns, for example).

    But again... it\'s been great for me, and the combo is an incredible deal.

    By the way, don\'t forget about the free trumpets and timpani at www.projectsam.com

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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    Yeah the trumpet and timpani there are very nice.

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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    And Flute FX! Also there!

    If you\'re into filmmusic it can be pretty useful!



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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    Oh how could\'ve I forgotten that, that is also really cool.

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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    Rooftop, et al

    Thanks. I did dload the trumpets from Project Sam but didn\'t know about the tympani and flutes. Will go get them.


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    Re: Free Samples - What to choose?

    Erskine, IMO, is a waste of money.
    Even if its free its hardly worth it.
    Of course, if you wanting a little groove to play with, then go ahead, but it falls well short.

    If you need drums, Bob Clearmountain is a good place to start.

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