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Topic: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

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    A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    Just a note to say thanks to all of you who contribute to this forum. I have been lurking for 2 or 3 weeks now trying to find information on Sample Libraries for a project I am working on, using GigaStudio.

    Without this user feedback, I\'d have been lost...not to mention.... out of some hard earned cash.

    I have most basic things already, but was missing some specialties.

    Final decisions:

    GOS String library. (Gary, if I buy next week, do I get all of these updates that I\'ve been reading about already installed?)

    Xsample Harp disc. (I have read so much about the difference between Xsample and GigaHarp. One thing I could never find out is if Xsample has any glissandi) It\'s really not a deal breaker for me. It seems to me that Xsample harp blends better within an arrangement, and that\'s what I need...but a glissando would be helpful in at least one place on my cues.

    Xsample Clarinet disc. I need the flutter tongue effect as it is all over the score. This is the only library that has good ones, from what I\'ve been able to hear.

    Ultimate Orchestral Percussion: Strangely enough, I need some good windchime effects. LOP doesn\'t seem to have them. I don\'t really need 7 different snare drums and cymbals right now. UOP seems to do the job I need for less money. I\'ll upgrade later, if need be.

    And Finally....I am going to get the Dan Dean Flute disc. This is an experiment for me. If the flute works out, I\'ll likely buy the rest over time.

    I really wish Dan Dean woodwinds had more effects in them. I could stand for a few less dynamic layers, if it meant some flutter tonguing and other effects could be added. Are there any plans for this in future? At any rate, I really appreciate developers offering their libraries by individual intruments at a reasonable price. Dan Dean is to be commended on that.

    The only thing missing from my search for samples is Water Gongs. The good folks over at DS Soundware have responded to an email from me saying that they are working on an \"Everything Water\" disc. Water Gongs, water cymbals, water everything....this I gotta hear. Unfortunately, it will be too late for my needs.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch to all of you for such a wealth of feedback to this community.

    As far as developers, my hat\'s off to you sirs. This is a tough, niche market. I believe that the Emmy\'s at least, ought to have a special catagory for you folks, as your work is all over television. Maybe you\'ll all start to get the recognition...and CASH...that you deserve.

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    I made an .art file for the Xsample harp that makes a glissando function just like gigaharp. I think all the strings respond to the same controllers, so they should be fully interchangable. If someone can host the .art file, I\'ll gladly share it.

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum


    If you\'re looking for something as exotic sounding as water gongs, don\'t overlook The Best of Bolder:

    Although not all instruments are multisampled to death, the sounds are eclectic and the programming is second to none - very moody and manipulatable stuff.

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    Thanks Lee. As far as the \"Mark Tree\", that\'s not exactly what I had in mind. I think the UOP will cover my needs. Besides, where would I put it when the project is over? Also there is the matter of stands, clamps, etc, etc...

    I could play a glockenspiel with a little practice too, but I don\'t want one, for the same reason.

    I\'ve spent the better part of the last 5 years downsizing my personal studio. I don\'t have the room for stuff anymore. I\'m dreaming of the day when everything we need for music production fits in something the size of a palm pilot.

    I\'m also very interested in the ART file that Aenigma was referring. Hope somebody can find the space for it.

    And Thanks Chadwick, for the link to Bouldersounds. Looks promising.

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    LOP has windchimes! 3 or 4 in fact! If I were you you, I\'d rethink it and get LOP. It also includes timpani in there which have sufficed for me in my music. Ultimate is great, but I\'m sure Donnie will agree LOP is the best buy. I talked to Donnie on the phone one day about it, and he said that LOP was much better in UOP. Also, the LOP samples are further miced to give some air to the instruments. So, there is a LARGE selection, as well as a nicely miced set of instruments. LOP is the way. It is a big price, but it\'s worth it. IT HAS 7 ANVILS!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!!

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    I\'m so frusterated at the lack of anvils out there, that I\'m thinking about recording me taking a crowbar to my cement garage floor. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I don\'t think it would have the same sound, but it\'s easy and free, haha!

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    I think PMI released an anvils CD for giga.

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    An interesting discussion and source for anvils:


    Listen to Zimmer\'s Crimson Tide, track 1, for the anvil sound I want.

    Some good \"Aliens II\" sounding anvils:

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to this Forum

    Runyon, leave me an email address and I\'ll just send it over. Compressed, it should be less than 1 MB.

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