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Topic: latency and block chords

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    latency and block chords

    Can anyone tell me whether latency increases when you move from playing single notes to block chords on a piano sample? Sometimes a I seem to notice a slight lag when I play block chords particularly with the pedal down.


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    Re: latency and block chords


    Even though I have all the right settings to take out latency, I have the exact problem you have. Two handed piano chords, pedel down cause a delay. Everything else sounds OK.

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    Re: latency and block chords

    Do you hear any pops or clicks? Maybe it\'s a streaming issue. Maybe try defragging your sample drive.

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    Re: latency and block chords

    I don\'t get any pops or clicks, just this sense of a slight time lag.
    I guess my question was a theoretical one - if you have a setup where you have a latency of say 5ms, is that going to be the same whether you strike a single note, or a block chord of many notes struck at the same time (especially with the sustain pedal already holding previously struck notes)?

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