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Topic: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???

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    OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???

    I know that there are several wav. to midi-converters out there, but does anybody know of a tool that allows me to take an audio drum track/loop & \"transform\" it to midi in order to trigger drum samples or synths later via a midi track???

    thankx in advance


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    Re: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???


    If .wavs can be converted to midi, we\'d have a luxurious study here.

    Midi triggers voices whether it\'s from a work station keyboard (module rack) or in a hardware sampler.

    .Wavs do not have any midi data, therefore it can\'t be 100% converted. There are converters out there that attempt conversions but they all are poor IMHO.


    I get pleasure out of practicing and playing my drums kits in real time rather than using loops and insert fills.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???

    Try working out the drum pattern by ear in your sequencer, once you do that you\'ll be able to make whatever changes you want to the beat. Also, you\'ll be able to make your own anytime once you get used to the midi drum mapping.

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    Re: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???

    Guys, I have the following problem. Although being a guitarist I am not really capable of producing drum tracks via keyboard input... I have to rely on other programs. I found FillIn & Slicy drummer from musiclab but for some unknown reason can not use them inside Sonar 2.2. I have to use them inside DR008 (which comes with Sonar), which works fine, but does not allow me to record midi to a midi track. I have to drag & drop the midi loops into a midi track in Sonar. But doing this I lode the note-replacment feature of Fill In. I had hoped to record the drums from DR008 to audio & later transform to midi in order to trigger other sound modules...
    any further ideas?
    thankx for your thoughts

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    Re: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???

    Check out Drum-a-gog. It will allow you to trigger samples from an audio drum recording and the latest version also outputs midi files. I\'ve heard that it does a very good job, too.


    -- Martin

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    Re: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???

    Drumagog loks like a great device for replacing snares and other sounds which are \'prominent\' on a drum track, but I don\'t think you\'ll be able to use it to output the whole range of drums on a track. As Matt says, the ear is still the best judge in this case.

    Given that there simply isn\'t a device which will convert an audio drum track to a midi one, there are other sources of midi drum tracks that you might be able to use, like http://www.drumtrax.com/ which maye be useful in getting you going. Depending on the style you\'re after, there\'s always band-in-a-box as well (which you can use to output a midi drum track).

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    Re: OT: DRUM AUDIO to MIDI ???


    There is no software/hardware solution that will accurately translate audio domain drum tracks into midi files. Numerical Sound however, has released several sampling CD\'s with accurate midi files only derrived from the acoustic performance (no drum triggers were used). But it does not hurt to have great drummers playing either - such as Bernard Purdie, Clyde Stubblefield or Sly Dunbar !

    I have been told by many custumers that the Numerical Sound drum midi files are some of the best midi files out there.

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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