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Topic: Tibetan Monks chanting?

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    Tibetan Monks chanting?

    I am looking for the deep Tibetan chanting monk(s). The closest thing I have found is Heart of Asia, which is a whole lot of money ($399, best price $379) for one track-granted I\'d use more eventually, but it\'s also old by samplng standards...

    Is anyone aware of an alternative?


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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    Vocal Planet is what your looking for. It has the deep authentic Tuvan Throat Singers much more extrensively than the few Tibetan samples on HOA, The Tuvan Monk sounds are pretty similar to the Tibetan Monk deep drone stuff (same part of the world). Those two types of drone singing are often interchanged and serve similar musical functions.

    Not cheaper though (high quality, extremely rare and copyright clean sounds usually aren\'t cheap).....plenty of other great unique sounds in VP too! (11,000 to be exact!)

    all the best,


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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    Just for fun, have you checked this Tibetan Monk?


    I was just playing with it last week and had so much fun!

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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    Haha. I was going to suggest him! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I think he features in an Atmosphere patch or two actually....

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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    Ah yesss, the Delay Lama, little grasshopper. I forgot about him. Thanks, he might actually work!

    And Eric thanks for the Vocal Planet suggestion (commercial? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) But it\'s 5 CDs, not just one or tweo, and there is a lot more I can use. It\'s definitely been added to my list. Just have to wait a bit-blew my wad on GPO and Ethnoworld2 this month. So many samples, so little drive space (sigh)


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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    They are actually working on an OSX port......thanks to yours truly! (and a loan of Maarten\'s iBook)



    akaelay Llama fanatic

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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    I love the delay lama! I use to humor people with it all the time until I had to upgrade to OSX. I wish there\'d be a new AU version released!!


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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    Josef, that\'s not what I was looking for for this project, but it\'s a great disk! Wonderful stuff. Thanks for the tip.


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    Re: Tibetan Monks chanting?

    Russian Ethnic Vocals - good alternative.
    I got the disk and think it is fantastic!


    Cheers, Joseph.

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