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Topic: Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

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    Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

    The organ sounds available from the link below grew out of some early playing around with GigaStudio and gradually went out of control to the point where I started my own organ company to build custom instruments. Although I can\'t offer these samples for sale, I thought the organ buffs on the forum might enjoy the .mp3 excerpts we posted today:


    The organ was built by Marshall & Ogletree, LLC and comprises over 200 stops of note-by-note samples. It is installed at Trinity Church, Wall Street in New York City. The early prototype (about 50 stops) ran on 10 Giga PC\'s. We have now developed our own software under Linux.

    I hope you enjoy the demos!
    Doug Marshall

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    Re: Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

    Outstanding! The Sowerby piece especially gave me goose pimples - incredible depth of sound and the same enveloping feeling you get from a great organ. An amazing piece of work.


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    Re: Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

    Doug, 10 pcs for 50 stops - amazing!

    What kind of performance can you get from the Linux setup?

    How do you deal with the layered ambience issue? - ie if you sample the pipe and the room it\'s in, every note you play will have an individual ambience, rather than the ambience which would pertain to a chord being played into the same room.

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    Re: Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

    This is great. Again I\'m amazed... it\'s hard to believe the scale of work. I\'d love to hear it live at the church. Great to see you posting here again [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

    Hi Chadwick,

    Regarding ambience, because we\'re building the instruments to go primarily into church buildings which will contribute their own acoustic signatures, I haven\'t concerned myself too deeply with preserving room ambience in the samples. On the other hand, the reflections within the organ case (or chamber) are captured very carefully. Preserving the reverb tail in the samples is successful only to a limited degree, imho, because the reverb is only \"correct\" for sustained notes. Staccato articulations and rapid scales sound artifical. Hopefully, the convolving reverb in GS3 will be a good tool for resolving this issue - and it may free up polyphony as well.

    We\'re getting about 250 \"pipes\" (each pipe uses 4 notes of polyphony) from each Linux box at Wall Street. That number will be going up in the future, of course, with faster processors. With Giga it was 40 pipes per PC.


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    Re: Demos - sampled pipe organ monster

    Hi Rudi and Jeff,

    Wow, thanks for the compliments! If there is any community who would understand the magnitude of this effort it\'s the Giga community. Thanks again, guys!


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