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Topic: Web site streaming question

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    Web site streaming question

    Does anyone know how I can stream media from my website - I\'ve tried using a program called Turbine before but would prefer the method that Spectrasonics use on their site. Can anyone recommend a program that can do this?

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    Re: Web site streaming question

    Doug, I just checked your site and you are hosted on; Windows Server 2003 Microsoft-IIS/6.0

    The good news is that this server will stream any multimedia content automatically now. - Actually, just checked with a server admin here and he says it is a component that has to be installed. Perhaps try contacting your ISP and ask them to enable that feature. IIS 6 is definetely capable of streaming.

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    Re: Web site streaming question

    If you aren\'t expecting multiple simultaneous users, you can just set up an ftp link to your file, like this:
    It works...

    Granted this is the old-fashioned 80s way, but it works fine.


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    Re: Web site streaming question

    Thanks Dasher, but I like the idea of having a dedicated player on the screen - though I might have to use this method if there is no better solution.

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    Re: Web site streaming question

    Cheers Scott, I appreciate that. I\'ll chase that up today.

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