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Topic: Logic Pro Updates.....

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    Logic Pro Updates.....

    Any word? I\'m so frustrated about this. I called emagic 3 weeks ago to order the update (which they say is shipping as of Feb. 9th on their website) and Dave tells me I have to order it through my local dealer now, they no longer handle updates. So I Go to my dealer and he tells me they can\'t get the updates that apple is shipping only new copies right now and the updates won\'t be available for another month! What the frick? All we need is a software download and an internet XS key authorization, why is this so hard?

    Also, does anybody know if they\'ve made any actual software updates with Logic? Ever since I upgraded to Logic 6.3.3 and OSX Panther (whatever is the most current) Logic randomly quits. I actually took the time to send a report to Apple, but I\'m sure it did no good since I have no clue what\'s causing the problem, it\'s just random. Am I the only one in this boat?


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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....


    don\'t know if there is anything new in the logic pro updates.

    but most of the random crashes i\'ve had with Logic/Panther have come from bad AUs - specifically kontakt and/or reaktor.

    i like em both, but those 2 are buggy malcontents. i tend to keep them out of the components folder until i know i\'m going to use them in a song. since doing that, logic has really been solid for me.


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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....

    Weeeeeelll That could explain it. I did 3 updates in one day (which is always stupid) and the 3 updates were Logic 6.3.2-6.3.3, OS 10.3-10.3.2, and Kontakt..... So Kontakt may be the culprit alright, but what\'s odd is it happens even when I don\'t use kontakt. Are you saying it\'s just the mere existence of Kontakt in the AU folder? That blows cause Kontakt is really very cool and I don\'t want to not use it.


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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....

    Hey J.

    the update should be available very soon. I got mine here in Germany last week so I guess it won´t be long till you get yours. We are talking about the Logic Pro update, right?
    It´s worth the wait. Especially SoundDesigner and the EXS24 II are worth the update unless you bought them already, which would be bad luck. Anyway, the Pro Update should be arriving soon.


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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....


    As far as I can tell there is nothing new in the Logic Pro Update. It\'s version 6.4.1.

    I haven\'t come across any readme files with a list of fixes and improvements.

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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....

    Are you saying it\'s just the mere existence of Kontakt in the AU folder? That blows cause Kontakt is really very cool and I don\'t want to not use it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">J,

    I don\'t own Kontakt, but it\'s my understanding that the mere presence of it in your AU folder is what\'s causing the crashes. Stupid 8 track can give more details. Try removing it for a day and see what happens.

    Also, Logic\'s update to Pro won\'t have anything new, except the inclusion of all it\'s high end plug-ins and soft synths/sampler.

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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....


    yes, just the mere presence of them in the component folder causes trouble.

    in fact, i never use kontakt as a native AU, i always use the VST-AU wrapper to convert it to AU and that works better.

    can\'t remember why i don\'t use a wrapped version of reaktor. probably didn\'t wrap well.

    i also haven\'t really yet tried the new 1.52 update for kontakt as a native AU. perhaps they fixed a lot of the flakiness.

    two things i remember specifically with the native kontakt AU in the component folder (not the wrapped version), in addition to the random crashes, is that it caused GUI errors (the cursor would appear to be offset from where it really was vertically - thus selecting track 1, i would get track 2) and it always overrode the maxfiles settings that we were adjusting to try to maximize VSL use with EXS.

    hopefully these have been fixed with the 1.52 update as kontakt is a fun bit.

    but whenever i have instability, the first thing i do is clear out my component folder (don\'t throw the plugs out, just move them to a separate place) and reintroduce the plugs one by one. most of the time it is an NI plug that is the devil, though Moog Modular was so bad for me that i had to remove it totally.

    now, reaktor is the biggest malcontent of all on my system, since kontakt seems trouble free when wrapped.

    in the end, i personally think there is a good chance that certain AUs really can\'t live happily together in the component folder - at least with some audio drivers. because i don\'t believe everyone has suffered the same trouble with MM or kontakt that i have (i believe everyone has at least some difficulty with reaktor [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

    unfortunately, i haven\'t had the time to test this hypothesis so it remains nothing more than a voodoo inspired gut instinct.

    but if you suddenly get trouble and don\'t see everyone reporting the same trouble, the component folder is a good place to start, IMO.


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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....


    also, in case you didn\'t see it, Nick Batzdorf discovered another kontakt AU (and this with the 1.52 update) problem which he posted a little further down in the forum.

    while i am greatly enjoying most things in OS X, i fail to see how AUs are really an improvement on VST. troublesome little buggers they are.


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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....


    I have lots of AUs and I don\'t really have any problems with them! Now granted, I have a G5 with lots of ram, but still. Maybe it\'s because I use Logic, and they\'re in bed with Apple. All I know is that we Logic users had trouble with VSTs before, so for me, at least, AUs are a good thing. I also have had some success with wrapped plug-ins, like X-phrase, Slayer, Hydra, Vanguard, Albino (before it was AU\'d). Reaktor as AU is flakey, but I can usually manage enough to make some pretty strange and futuristic music with it! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Regarding the Logic Pro upgrade, I was told by audiomidi.com that they would be shipping them early this week. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Logic Pro Updates.....


    I just picked up the Logic Pro Update on Friday from my dealer. They had only limited quantities and I ordered it as soon as it was made available to order. It seems that Apple has had only limited quantities of the upgrade shipped to date but more should be coming out soon. I got my permanent codes the next day.

    Sharmy, I have found that typically that type of behavior has to do with an AU component. I have experienced it from time to time as well. When I have only had Logic plugins and no AU\'s (all components moved from the plugin folders) it has been stable.


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