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Topic: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    The long and staccato notes match very well...but it seems that a \"E\" sample note have a noise [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    It seems to capture that nasal quality quite well.

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    Once again, the samples sound just fine, but the recording quality doesn\'t measure up at all. I really believe that all of your libraries would be top-sellers if the recording quality was professional.

    In my opinion, your solo string library is the best out there - and when utitlized correctly it really allows for some realistic solo string arrangements. I know for a fact that I\'d probably be using it obsessively if the recordings were of professional quality. Dan Deans solo strings are a tremendous example of superior sound quality - even though the articulations are lacking (since giga wasn\'t around I reckon).

    I\'m sorry to be blunt, but I own some of your libraries and can see the tremendous effort and thought behind the programming and musicality of your libraries - but it would IMMENSELY behoove you to hire a professional recording engineer who has extensively recorded orchestral instruments and understands what a recording SHOULD sound like. Please consider this when/if you record your next sound library.

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    I thought it´s quite daring to post here a distorted oboe demo.

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    Apart from being distorted, the oboe sounds very pleasing, but as aaron said, it is not so well recorded. Could be a bit warmer and more consistent in tone and the tuning is not always correct.

    Is this a first try or the finished Recording-Session ? I hope, you can go back and make the recording better, as the oboe is very musical.

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    I must agree with Aron - Your libraries would be absolutely FABULOUS --with better recording quality!

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    Man, if you could re-record that solo string library with quality sound, you\'d be selling them by the truckloads. Same thing with the brass, as they are probably the biggest sounding brass out there today. I know for sure that I\'d lay down a pretty penny for a newly recorded solo strings library - of professional sonic clarity. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    I like this very much Kirk.....to me just an absolutely perfect Oboe sound. Lovely.....great advert.


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    Re: An Oboe Demo Mockup of Handel Sonata

    I think this sounds terrible.

    I\'d love to suggest somethings to help, but if this is what the samples sound like without EQ added after the fact, then anything short of re-recording, probably isnt gonna do it.

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