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Topic: Kontakt woes: No response from Server

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    Kontakt woes: No response from Server

    I keep having a random problem with kontakt. OUt of the blue it will go on a kick where every time I try to launch an instance my mac freezes with the rainbow circle spinning. When I finally get it quit it always says \"no response from server\".

    I can\'t figure this out but I can say it started happening after I installed the panther update to 10.3.2. Anybody know what causes this?

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    Re: Kontakt woes: No response from Server

    Not running a Mac here but doesnt the new version of Kontakt let you also look at network drives in the browser?

    Perhaps try turning this option off. (I think you can do this.)

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    Re: Kontakt woes: No response from Server


    did you by chance also install the update to kontakt 1.52?

    because after i installed that update, logic would try to log onto every local server whenever i booted it up.

    turns out kontakt 1.52 is set to search for local servers on boot. to change this, launch kontakt (the application) and go into Options/user interface and deselect the \"show network drives in browser\" option.

    don\'t know that that will work for you, but i had a similar problem and it worked for me.


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    Re: Kontakt woes: No response from Server

    yes this is exactly the problem. I just didn\'t realize you could turn it off! That\'s not the only thing I\'ve overlooked in Kontakt due to microscopic fonts!!


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