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Topic: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

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    E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    OK I made another addition to the endless series of E.T. Flying Theme MIDI mockups. Now you can download no less than FIVE different versions from my site.

    1. KingIdiot\'s version using Garritan Orchestral Strings in ULTRA Beta state!
    2. Thomas J\'s original mockup with Kirk Hunter alone which started this frenzy.
    3. My version using finished Garritan Orchestral Strings.
    4. Mine with Using GOS + Kirk Hunter.
    5. Mine using Sonic Implant Strings.

    The 5th one is the new one. It was mixed late at night on headphones, and I can hear I need to finetune some of the attacks to not be quite as marcato, and you could EQ it to get a little more high end if you want it closer to Williams\' original recording at least. Also, the strings are mixed a bit lower in this version, timpani a bit louder and the mastering is a bit different.

    Anyway, if you\'re interested in strings take a listen

    Go to http://www.melomaniac.dk, MP3 section and go to GOS section (yeah I know, this is more than GOS-related now too).

    Feel free to submit your own version

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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    And for the record my old original was done in a REAL hurry and I didn\'t even pay attention to panning values so it\'s almost in mono. + it\'s over a year old [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Having said that I think SI\'s strings sound really good here.


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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    My mockup using my fisher price keyboard will blow both of you guys\' mockup away by far!

    (just kidding)

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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    This is just my humble opinion and please take it for what it\'s worth:

    My favourite is the GOS only version! The GOS with KH seems overpowered by KH, and the SI seems....well....I guess I shouldn\'t be too harsh since Simon said it\'s a rough mix.

    Both GOS versions seem to have the best amount of humanity and depth. The KH was the one which lacked in those fields, it was too strong (although in that context it worked fairly well).

    On a semi-related topic, do you guys know if \"Over the Moon\" is meant to be performed by 2 piano players or just 1? When I was in school (and had more time for these things) I used to practice like mad trying to play that piece (by ear) and I could never reach those 8ve and 13th jumps on the arpeggiated triplet melody (while my left hand was busy trying to arpeggiate the 8th note harmony).

    Does anyone have access to the score? To this day it\'s been driving me nuts! I would feel much better knowing that the piece was meant for 2 pianos!

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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    Wow... I\'m totally surprised here. I went in thinking I\'d like the GOS/KH version... but of all of them, the SI strings just sounded ...appropriate... I can\'t think of a better word off hand. Lush and full, but still delicate and playful, and very, very smooth. I\'ve been debating over which combo to buy for my b-day this month, and I think its gunna be SI and GOS.

    Simon, were the sfz\'s done with mod wheel, or was that a particular patch you were using with SI? Great work btw, thanks for the references!

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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    Michael, I didn\'t use any x-fade patches from SI with this one. Instead I used the 4 velocity layer up/down bowing patches. The Sfz you hear come mainly from the FF layer which has quite a bite in the attack and makes it quite suitable for this kind of stuff. I DID add one layer of 1st violins marcato too at a low volume, playing all notes, just to add a little more accentuation (dunno if that\'s the word in english or if it exists at all) to the line.

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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    Wow cool Simon, thanks for doing this. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The fast movements are by far the best on SI even if it is rough, but it doesn\'t quite hit home with the longer notes. They need to be more powerful.

    I have to agree with Michael that the GOS only version is better than when combined with KH. Somehow its more emotional? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    Great comparison, Simon and Thomas...there\'s nothing better than actually hearing each library sided by side.
    So I guess the question of the day is how do SI and GOS sound together?? If anything, they seem to compliment each other\'s rough spots in this passage (as minor as they may be), so I can only salivate at the possibility of how they\'d sound together...actually, I was drooling at how they already sound, but that\'s besides the point. Thanks again for the time you spent doing this.


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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    Simon, I\'ve clicked on your link at 2 different times but keep getting \'server not found\' message. Is your site only up at certain hours?


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    Re: E.T. Mockup Shootout!

    Take out the comma in his link, Brett.


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