Just got my copy of The Memphis Horns (sax and trumpet) from ILIO and so far I am pleased. I picked it up for around $130.00. I picked a beat from \'RetroFunk\' at 80bpm and chose 5 Memphis Horn phrases at that speed as well as a multi-sampled fast sustain. Pretty simple, but it gives some idea of what\'s on the disks.


Be warned this is mainly a phrase based library with some minimal multi-sampled sounds: Noise, Falls, Shorts, Sustains Fast/Slow, Swells Fast/Slow, and solo licks. Each of the multi-sampled sounds are from C4 - C5 with chord variations on each. What\'s really nice about the library is that each phrase was recorded in 5 different keys that are interchangable in a song (e.g., C Eb F G Bb). There are over 160 phrases so that\'s not too bad for the price.

Also for those so inclined (King), one could actually make their own multi-sampled sounds since each phrase was recorded in 5 keys.

With the recent talk of Pop/Jazz Brass libraries I though this might interest some.