I have followed this forum for some time now as a \"lurker\" and I have
really enjoyed learning from people and seeing all the new products that
have been coming out. Like I said I usually never post on forum\'s but I
feel that in this case I should.

Just observing as a outsider though I must say that overall attitude
twoards developers; DS Soundware in particular, is very troubling. I
think we get spoiled here by having access to these guys the way we do.
Can you \"chat\" with Logic, Steinberg, or anyone else like you can these
guys? Yes, I\'ll be the first one to agree that Donnie is not the most
tactful person at times but most of what says is true and obviously all
of it comes from the heart. I own LOP and believe it to be the most
comprehensive library of any kind so to see some of the flat out
incorrect statements made by some of the users of this forum, I fee is

I am not trying to run to the aid of Donnie and Sean on this one but I
do feel that things have been taken way over the top on this. IMO he
and Sean are among the two best sampler developers in the industry
making samples for me and you at great prices. Let\'s encourage these
guys to keep making more great products.