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Topic: Tobias G-Town Tom demo

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    Tobias G-Town Tom demo

    I just made another little demo of the toms from Tobias. Don\'t mind some of the strange orchestrations Also uses is Tobias\' free prepared piano samples. Tobias\' toms can be found on the right

    To be fair, this library also uses SAM Trumpet + trumpet fx, SI Strings, VOTA, LOP (for timpani, cymbals, bassdrum, triangle, xylophone, extra toms and snares), some custom snares and AO and QLB for brass.

    You can find it at: http://www.simonravn.com/media/Tomdemo2-SR.mp3

    It was recorded in one go, so it is not properly mixed.

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    Re: Tobias G-Town Tom demo


    You rawk! Perfect example that unique samples have their place.

    Excellent writing. Man, I want to hear some votox in there (demon-sounding latin stuff).

    Thanks for sharing.

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