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Topic: Drone Archeology - First Comments

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    Drone Archeology - First Comments

    I thought I\'d throw a little info and an unsolicited plug out there for this very interesting library. I received it about a week ago and had a very good first weekend with it. Ernest has managed to get an awful lot of spectral information into these computer generated sounds, and each and every one of the 100 gig files are quite interesting.

    I have found that you can use many of these drones as instruments in themselves if you play them the right way, so they are not limited to only background spaces. This takes a little thinking and adjustment, but even someone with my limited keyboard skills could make forward progress. One of them that I like comes off as sort of a keyboard-based Hurdy Gurdy sound. Quite nice.

    If anyone is on the fence about this library, I\'d certainly recommend it from my limited perspective today. It is pricy enough that it\'s probably not for everybody, but if you\'re looking for some interesting textures, this should be something you at least consider.

    From my VERY limited perspective, Ernest also provides the most professional printed material I\'ve seen for any GigaSampler library. Every one of the 100 files is shown in a volume graph of left and right channels and with some spectral information to boot. It seems quite helpful to me. (I do not have ANY of the more expensive orchestra or string/brass libraries, so there is no comparison being made there.)

    Anyway, I like this library and think it will be useful for a long time to come. Thanks for a great product Ernest.

    With best regards,
    Mark Knecht

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    Re: Drone Archeology - First Comments

    Hey Mark,

    I\'d agree with that 100%. Drone Archeology is a great resource, and Ernest is a totally stand-up guy. All of his libraries and other musical products are incredibly well thought-out and documented, and he has been doing amazing work for years. He really pioneered the whole concept of \"groove templates\" as opposed to quantizing, and of studying the great players in great detail to determine how they bent rhythms to arrive at their own personal groove. His website is a great all-around production resource.

    Percussion Wall, Delta Grooves, and the Sly Dunbar library are all killer, too. Lots of $$ to be made with that kind of material.

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