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Topic: Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

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    Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

    Does anyone know if there\'s an upgrade price on Garritan Advanced if the buyer already uses
    \"Lite\"? I read that there is but can\'t find it on Garritan site.

    I\'m considering getting \"Lite\". But the sounds I heard in demos seem to already have a lot
    of built in ambience. I\'d prefer the direct pure raw sound leaving me to tweak it depending
    on what I\'m doing. The demos sound rather like a wash out to me, especially when there\'s
    full open harmony or other orchestral instruments.

    I heard some Miraslav Vitous strings in which the strings were pure and in your face, and not
    hidden by room ambience. I\'d rather have the choice in my pieces of very dry, washed out,
    or anywhere between.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks Charlie cm04@gnofn.org

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    Re: Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

    I think you\'ll find that\'s the other way around; the Miroslav strings have hall ambience recorded with them while GOS was recorded virtually dry. If you\'re hearing a washed out sound as you put it then that\'s probably because people are adding too much reverb to them in their demos. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    To answer your question (sort of), I don\'t know whether you can upgrade from Lite to Full, you\'ll have to email Gary

    Anyway, this should be in the GOS forum. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

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    Re: Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

    hmmm... GOS dry....

    yah.... sure...

    I guess its a quesiton of what you consider \"dry\" and whether you\'re talking about distance from the mic or actual ambience volume.

    IMO GOS is pretty distant sounding. Thats not to say that the samples are very ambient sounding. They are however not close mic\'d sounding.

    There is a distinct difference between \"distant\" and \"ambient sounding\" IMO.

    Miro has more \"ambient\" sounding samples IMO, but I think they also have close mics on a violin or two which gives it a \"controlable\" \"close\" feel.

    The same goes for Sonic Implants. Its the close mics that give you the contrast with the ambient mics. It really gives a sense of \"depth\" in the samples.

    GOS is more the \"inbetween\". Not close mic\'d (in fact more \"distant\" sounding overall than any of the strings I have....except for the basses) but the mix isn\'t as ambient as the other two mentioned so the recording room/hall isn\'t as pronounced.

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    Re: Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

    Thanks for elaborating King, but by dry and wet I assumed he meant reverations, which I think is the \'definition\' of those terms. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Close and far micing is another issue...but...could of course be indeed what he meant. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

    Thanks guys for the comments.

    I listened to demos at Gary Garritan\'s site. What I mean to say is that it sounds to me like the mics are rather far from the strings (allowing more room ambience - or indirect sounds, which is room reverberation). I\'d like to work with a purer sound, more direct sound, closer mic, the basic sound of the instrument close up, so then I would have the option to add my own reverb or not. E.g. If I want the notes less distinct, I could add reverb, but if I really want secco, dry, distinct, short dry notes, clear inner parts, I could use it as is without changing anything.

    But if the strings are recorded far from the mic(s), then I don\'t have the option to use it with a \"close to the mic\" sound.

    A french horn player did a movement from a Mahler symphony with tremendous tweaking of Dan Dean strings, which sounds very clear and beautiful to me. I believe it\'s on northernsounds.com. I haven\'t heard this kind of clearness and beauty in any of the GOS demos which I heard.

    I\'m very new to this, and appreciate your help. I\'m totally dedicated to music and also can\'t afford to make a mistake with this string purchase I\'m approaching.

    I\'ll try to move this subject over to GOS forum, if I can find it. Thanks

    Peace ... Charlie Miller

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    Re: Garritan "Lite" to "Advanced" Upgrade

    Originally posted by Charlie Miller:
    Thanks guys for the comments.

    I listened to demos at Gary Garritan\'s site. What I mean to say is that it sounds to me like the mics are rather far from the strings (allowing more room ambience - or indirect sounds, which is room reverberation).

    Charlie Miller
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yeah they aren\'t close mic\'ed but they don\'t really have much ambience. A violin section can be recorded in a studio with just enough room to set up mics far away but that doesn\'t mean they will have much reverberation. I could take the same violin section to a massive church and then put the mics directly on the violins and they would be close mic\'ed but extremely wet.

    Obviously having distance to the mics means that the room has to be big enough to have that distance as well as fit the instruments in so there is some ambience. Miroslav is definitely \'wetter\' by that definition.

    Anyway I think you\'ll find all the GOS demos have reverb added so its hard to tell really...ask Gary for a dry demo or something.

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