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Topic: Miroslav mini

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    Miroslav mini


    I already own the Prosonus library which I appreciate.

    But I have heard the flute sample packed with the Gs I bought and really it\'s sound great.

    So I manage to buy the Miroslav Mini Orchestra to enlarge my basic orchestra range.

    Is anybody could bring something to light about the mini version ?


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    Re: Miroslav mini

    This is just my opinion, but continuing to buy older products (I noticed your other post about the Roland stuff), especially ones that concentrate on a wide array of instruments like Miroslav Mini, is a huge mistake seeing as how you\'ve already got Prosonus.

    Most people, it seems, buy only one of these larger libraries (like Miroslav, Advanced Orchestra, Prosonus, etc.) and fill in the gaps with specialty products like Dan Dean\'s or Quantum Leap... libraries that put all their focus on particular instruments/sections, achieving higher quality in doing so.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: Miroslav mini

    Hey Serge,

    I\'d agree with Rooftop. If you\'re going for more depth (as you mention with your flute example), I can think of better ways to go than the Miroslav Mini. If you want more woodwind sounds, look at Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds.

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    Re: Miroslav mini

    Thanks EricG and Rooftop.

    You know you are right it is a good point. I could buy Dan Dean brass and woodwinds, but my wallet would not appreciate me. The drama is that my purchases are done in Canadian Tire dollars.

    So I should rather consider BoB and Garritan lite as a better investment.

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    Re: Miroslav mini

    Thank you Z6

    I wait, like many of us I guess, for the Garritan lite demos. I have heard the horns demos and they are very impressive.

    If as you say the price for horns should be very interesting, well we are all us in business.

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    Re: Miroslav mini

    Hey Serge. GOS Lite sounds wonderful but maybe you should wait to see what Marten has up his sleeve (brass-wise); the demos of his new horns sound first-rate and he claims the price will be very attractive (in fact, he said that Munsie would like the price. If Munsie likes the price, I\'ll be buying).

    Marten is also (I think) working on some percussion. I suspect we might see him gear up quite a bit in the near future.

    DD brass/woodwinds sound nice but are way overpriced (imho) they\'re discounted all over the place (still, not by enough though). If you\'re on a budget and already have an orchestra to get by with, the wait may be worth it (you\'ll have this stuff a looooong time rememeber).

    Another point in the favor of GOS (over Vitous mini - and apart from the fact that GOS is stereo and state of the art) is that the developer is right here listening; any potential problems will be sorted, and suggestions taken on board. The main library has already seen lots of yummie updates. It\'s a living, breathing library. There\'s no reason to expect anything less from the lite version. (And you will almost certainly want to upgrade to the full library at some time - worth checking out what the options here might be).

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